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Are those halos? How fitting.

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onyxpanda posted:

Are those halos? How fitting.

Oh wow. Nice! Never noticed it.

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If somebody digs normal H manga with a good Plot search for cherry pink on nhentai

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Found this while sifting through the "Disability" tag(anyone know how to put a tag in a post?), I can confidently say that this one and "Spring a Minuet" by Itou Hatchi are the only ones that actually are sweet, yuri fluff.

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years later and this is still the sweetest!

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I must not smile.
Smiles are the grim-killer.
Smiles are the little-happy that brings total euphoria.
I will face my grins.
I will permit them to pass over me and through me.
And when they have gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the smiles have gone there will be gloom.
Only emo will remain.


The universe must really want me to read Dune if even on Dynasty Scans I can't escape it.

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this is spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Wow, ok this story is super old but it might just be my favorite Yuri story on this entire site. Seriously, how have I never read this before?? So sweet, fluffy, beautiful and satisfying. I loved absolutely everything about this.

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The part were the nurse just made way for Keiko to remove the bandages made me laugh a little. Like, "oh, go ahead random high school girl, it's not like this is my job or anything."

Also, that whole confession happened right there in the classroom...? That was... quite bold o.O
And I'm not saying that because they're both girls or whatever... Just— Wow, ok.

The art and the idea were nice though.

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this was heartwarming. definitely going to my fav list.

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I'm sure that I reached an unhealthy amount of reading times on this one shot

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Easily one of my all time favourites. Doesn't matter how many times I read it, I always seem to find my way back to give it a re-read at some point

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Every fucking time I read this oneshot without fail the tears start flowing
sigh...I love it

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Not saying anything new here but this is seriously one of the best one-shots I've ever read. I come back to it all the time.

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Not saying anything new here but this is seriously one of the best one-shots I've ever read. I come back to it all the time.


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I'm happy to see that a lot of people here also come back to reread this series. Certainly one of the best oneshots on this site.

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I read this at least once a year. Just great.

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It is one of the sweetest oneshots here. Just wholesome

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Oh wow, this is adorable. A present from God...

I suppose I can consider this one-shot a gift from whoever is maintaining the Featured Chapter sidebar.

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