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joined Jul 16, 2015

This was really cute and original <3

joined Oct 30, 2015

It was said that it was complete... Okay... But I don't feel any development as a yuri.

joined Aug 9, 2015

The art is so cute!!

joined Dec 5, 2016

I lol'd at that credits page of second chapter xD ( my whole life has changed! :O :D

Thanks, I had missed that one :D

joined Sep 8, 2016

Ah, just as fluffy as when I first read it, it feels like a little known classic to me.

joined Sep 13, 2018

i loved it.
I loved the extra stuff at the end of each chapter more than the chapters themselves.

why do i keep reading unfinished things?

joined Jan 31, 2018

Really good manga.

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