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@Clueless1 - There's nothing wrong with having a little contest for the pictures in your head, but your continued announcements of the results of such a contest are getting a little bit tiring.

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Are they canon?

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@Hollows It's the general rule, exceptions do exist of course (extremely rarely and usually super forced).
That's great, if you like to ignore what's actually going on for the idea of "shared love" then that's your right. It goes against the characters you like though. It goes against their dynamic, personalities and doesn't work once we actually think about their future instead of a still image of their current situation. What do they do after they graduate? What do they do once they get jobs and how does that affect an already terribly unstable harem? There is a 100% guarantee that some would grow apart or would seriously get angry with being treated as the "3rd or 4th" member. Suddenly there is favoritism and division of alone time. Factions form etc. Harems. Suck.

If those manga you mention have established that all these people are fine in their roles or that its the kind of crazy universe where this could actually work, fine. But "It's not my fault I'm not popular" is realistic to the point of cringe. It doesnt suit such a mad fantasy.

If you truly love a person, don't treat them like a set. Don't have six concubines in reserve. Tomoko clearly does not even show romantic interest in most of these girls. She is just doing her sexual harrassment thing. Why put this burden on her just so that the other girls don't feel a small pain for a short time (rejection)? Being a harem protagonist is probably the worst curse you can wish on someone.

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^Polyamory is any combination of fluid love between three (or more) people that has no competition. That means even if Dia and Riko both love Chika, but not each other, it's still polyamory. I am saying this can never get to that place, because Dia and Riko want Chika for themselves.

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@BugDevil: I don’t like harem either, mostly because it requires great deal for it to work, even by fictional standard.

But I think you are taking it too serious here. All of these talks about disrespecting a character by putting them in harem, or how their difficult future life will turn out. It kinda gives me the PTSD about all of the homophobes rant on how a gay family can’t be functional in society and how their children will grow up in a family without a man/ woman.

If someone believe a Yuri x Tomoko x Nemo relationship can work. Let them be. Who knows maybe once homosexual is completely normalised in Japan, the medium will move to polygamy next and how members in one struggle to make the relationship works.

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This ones fun, because you can't tell if Hinata's mad at the idea of her Mya-nee getting a partner or if Hinata is mad because she's assuming the partner in question is Noa...

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Her Mya-nee are adorable, I wonder what a yandere Mya-nee would sound like

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Sorry if my words somehow evoked those memories. I would never equate homosexuality to polyamory or harems. Harems just don't work on the personal level, society left aside.
The most I can see feasible are OT3s. Polyamory between three people. And even then only if every partner likes everyone in the triangle, which is already super rare. Poly is always such a painfully tedious balance act.

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@BugDevil I can understand what you mean. But one of the joys of reading doujinshi for me is that we can give a happy ending to everyone. In that case, a light hearted harem is my favorite. I don't believe that this kind of harem has to be inherently toxic.

I think it depends on what angle you would like to approach it from. I think a harem can work because yuri is light hearted and fun for me. I just want to see everyone get along.

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^Lemme grab my pop corn...

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No need, they're pretty much finished.

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@Hollows This manga here is sadly not just light-hearted fluff. So if it's the actual ending (not a doujin) I do not think a harem ending for "It's not my fault I'm not popular" makes sense. I value the canon of a story above even my own preferences or desires. So to me douijins/fanfics that stay within the realm of possibility of the original work are better. This is simply not the case with harem ends. But I respect your preference too, so let's leave it at that.

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a nice rare pairing to be seen

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Haven't played the games, but I'm sold on gals cuddling and eating chocolate together.

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Looks like Yuu and Touko cut their hair

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They should be planting lilies.

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Yesssss! Akuma no Riddle! Whoooooo.

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yeah i also think that noa and hinata make the manga/show more dinamic and fun whenever they are on screen

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Kida Miyuki is so great.

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Kida Miyuki is so great.

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This pleases the YuriLord.

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Maki x Nozomi? No way that's a thing...

Oh! Now there's a rarepair!

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This reminds me of Lucky Star with that final panel.

Kagami (in Konata's mind) says something like "I knew she (Konata) would eventually do something like this." when the group was talking about the news and criminals.

I am also surprised Maki didn't have Nozomi arrested on the spot in the second episode.

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This is great. Love the art.
Also, who's that in the background, watching them? The hairstyle suggests it's Maki, but whatever that is next to the head (from how I see it, hanging from either the hair or ear) suggests otherwise. Please, help, someone.

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