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joined Apr 10, 2013

I... I've never seen such messed up Mahou Shoujo goodness...

This is now one of my favorites because it is messed up!

joined Jan 31, 2013

This was just hilarious! Everyone is so ridiculous and they were so nonchalant and arbitrary about who got to get gems or be queen.

joined Apr 25, 2014

awww, I wanted Canon and Alto to end up together in the end :c I definitely enjoyed it, though!!

joined Sep 15, 2015

What the hell this end! I'd laughed lots, this mahou shoujo was a unexpected found and I could enjoyed all to the very end, though what is most good is the comedy

joined Jun 25, 2021

this is super good
always fun when a protagonist with common sense is surrounded by idiots. I love Kanon

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