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joined Nov 9, 2012

Well I did NOT see that coming. Her friend was a vampire the whole time? o_o interesting. I love seeing vampire doujins whenever I can

joined Aug 10, 2013

That... was scary.. :)
I'm suprised.. it's interesting story

joined Feb 3, 2013

That was deep and i did not see that coming too. Thought it was just another cutsy yuri manga.

joined Jul 23, 2013

I suspected the friend being a vampire, but from pg 26 onward my reaction was entirely "what the fuuuu..."

joined May 22, 2013

Is "Anju" a common name for vampire girls? I remembered in Karin the little sister of Karin is named Anju, too.
Anyway I think I'm looking at a SCAR-L on the Yurihime-cover page.

joined Jun 1, 2013

I was startled opening Dynasty reader page. Gaku gaku group with red. I thought I was seeing something X"D

Anw, The corpse ... X"[ oh and the ending is so hanging over.. XD

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joined Feb 1, 2013

I loved it! Never expected that kind or conclusion tho o.o

joined Feb 26, 2012

"Want to come back to my place after the movie? Which will be fourteen hours from now, since we're watching Lawrence of Arabia?"

joined May 17, 2013

Well, that was quite the unexpected twist.

joined Apr 10, 2013

I thought that the classmate was suspicious about something but instead, she turned to be the vampire...

joined Jul 8, 2013

If that corpse's name was Mina, then, with this being a vampire story, the logical assumption would be that her full name was Mina Harker who was the main character of The original Dracula novel. Meaning that that girl is either Dracula him/herself or finished off what Dracula couldn't lol. Whoop! Reference!

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joined Jun 21, 2013

As soon as I saw that horror tag my mind went 'great something bloody', waited, nothing happened so far, get to page 26 all I could think of was 'yep that girl is so dead'. Did not see that ending though, friend was a vampire this whole time? Epic mind fuck.

joined Oct 11, 2010

I liked it but I did not find it surprising at all...

joined Feb 11, 2013

Well, I suspected the friend to be the vampire from the start (vampires tend to be blonde and have strange names). But after the teacher was introduced, I changed my mind. I guess it made the shock stronger.

joined Jul 17, 2013

Interesting story, really builds up to the climax.

joined Jul 3, 2013

Wasn't expecting the ending. I like when that happens :)

joined May 9, 2013

first, i thought Anju will be the one who met vampire girl, but then, it's Manami, have a little disapointed here. All the time I read this story, I 'till think Anju have something weird and maybe she know that vampire girl. And BANG, have a little surprise when Anju is the vampire from the beginning. I wonder who the body is.

joined Apr 25, 2013

WTF what i just read XP

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joined Feb 2, 2013

it was a surprise to see an horror from this artist

joined Jul 17, 2013

I have to say i really like this one, very well done <3

joined Feb 10, 2013

Age gap in a REALLY strange way? xD
Awensome history!

joined Oct 15, 2011

That's crazy. I love it.

joined Aug 12, 2013


Damn. That escalated quickly

joined Jan 30, 2013

i somehow knew her friend was the vampire in the beginning XD

joined Feb 23, 2013

Yeah sure, let's go see 4 hour movie right now. I mean I like Lawrence of Arabia and all, but she should've picked something shorter.

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