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I REALLY like this pair. It was both sweet and funny, especially when they were racing XD

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Hahahah!! I can't... breath... properly... haha... That hat part...

Ah... this must have hurt.... in more than one way... both to Yuuka and Alice

"Imagine a long-haired ghost with white hair suddenly popping out all like Wham! And then it goes attacking us like smack! Crash!" An excellent way to tell stories!

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Why did it have to ENNNNND I love YuuxAli I need more that was a compilation of AWESOMENESS

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Yuuka and Alice nothin', I wanna see more Shanghai!!

drpepperfan Admin
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I'm still not over how the author of Aiura did a piece for this. That's awesome (and it's the best story in the book too)

A awesome pairing.

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PRICELESS!!! Just priceless! I was crying coz of laughter in hat-case x'D
And it was so cute dammit! Thanks guys for your huge work!))

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Ahaha the yonkoma was hilarious! I just kept cracking up!

drpepperfan Admin
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Yeah it's really great.

Look's like I've commented on this before but whatevs. A really good anthology.

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Yuuka gives off such a womanly feel when she strips in Charin's story. :3

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omg so funny. Espeaically the one Chama made it.

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Fuck, that's the author of Aiura .

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Damn i love abusive relationships with yuuka

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...Pop Team Epic is truly meta and weeb as fuck

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I like a lonely, misunderstood Yuuka best

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