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Ah! This is on Dynasty now! This one has been amazingly hilarious.

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It's hella spoopy

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Hmm not really a fan of the art style, does it get better later on?

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Cute series. Feels like the blackouts are hinting at something relating to lingering feelings but i hope not.

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Reminds me a bit of Mary-san

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Doll nudity

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This is really interesting so far

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Thanks for uploading! I think this manga is pretty funny.

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This story is everything to me now

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I actually love this. This is peak.

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This is cute, but I thought Yoshi was her human self...somehow. Power of yuri and so on.

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Who knew that the song "Creepy Doll" was a love ballad?

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this is a pretty good story but there's not much to say about it

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  1. This is pretty funny, reminds me of Iwakutsuki Bukken to Yakuro-san by Aneco, except with a female highschooler and a female cursed doll living together in a mansion instead of a male college student and a female earthbound spirit sharing an apartment.

  2. It appears the translators got a little confused with the 2 first panels on page 10 of the first chapter. The doll says "kocchi, kocchi", which means "here, here", to lure the girl to her, but because the lines are written in katakana, my theory is that the translators may have mistaken them for some unknown onomatopeias that they had no idea how to translate them. (I apologize in advance if this sounded mean, but I just thought I'd point it out.)

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Anyone knows what movie they were watching? It might be "The Bermuda Triangle" (Mexico, 1978)

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It's like those nendoroid pajamas

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When was the last time you guys saw human x doll? I absolutely love that pairing! So glad this manga exists =w=

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The only acceptable end to this is Akari becoming a ghost and haunting Non-chan forever.

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Anyone knows what movie they were watching? It might be "The Bermuda Triangle" (Mexico, 1978)

I personally choose to believe that it was Toy Story.

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Akari isnt stuck in the house with Non...

Non is stuck in the house with Akari.

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Imma be real if by some miracle this ever gets a full anime or movie adaptation I'll watch that shit in a heart beat.

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this is cute, comedic, and love the plot. doll/10, would spook cutely again

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This is a weird ass series. It's oddly charming.

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im starting to become attached to A san and B san now

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