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Rumia is wild on every aspect: she's homeless, hunts her own food while also frequenting a friend's business, gets drunk, gets her favorite spot stolen by a bird nest, tries to crash in someone else's home and passes out at their front door, needs a home and buys a tent, pays for everything using the highest value bill available and tells everyone to keep the change, casually reveals that she's actually rich, lets her friends sleep on her money.

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The cast of characters is so refreshing! (Un)fortunately, Rumia is kind of different from all other derivative works. (Canon Rumia is surprisingly mature though, from the few lines she has ever said)

And I hate the idea of capitalism in my Gensokyo! (At least for the yokai people). There was a communism meme with Nitori I think, someone insert it here

DB scans, keep up the good work! (Especiallly your choice in doujins)

What does DB stand for?

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Does 'gone' mean she ate him lol?

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This was a good read, thanks for the TL.

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Mmm comfy.

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Free food and money!

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God, I love Rinnosuke so much.

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