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joined Apr 10, 2013

Oh my GOD!! That was beautiful! HAHAHAH!! Kuh!! I took too much damage! And yes, the moon sure is beautiful... Hehehe~ creepy laugh

joined Apr 27, 2013

"'I love you'. Wait, no, I meant 'I love you'"


Nanoha Takamachi
joined Sep 1, 2013

AWWWWWWW they're too cute ^

joined May 21, 2013

As much as I enjoy older Nanoha/Fate doujins in which Vivio is involved, I don't think a doujin (or any plot, really) revolving around a young Nanoha and Fate could ever be beaten in terms of simplicity. There aren't any add-on characters yet, there isn't any over-complicated technology yet, and there aren't any limits holding them back yet. Yet.

As children, they could...reach farther, I suppose, and had a lot more freedom to do whatever they wanted with their time.

In short, I...really like the less mangled plot of the original Nanoha compared to the giant messes they have to put up with in the sequels. Reading this doujin really made my feelings hit home.

Disoriented Calamity
joined Feb 9, 2014

Too cute. Whether it be their younger version or older, it's just too much! In this case, Nanoha was extraordinarily adorable.

joined Oct 15, 2013

Cute :D
But I thirst for more...

joined May 27, 2015

NanoFate is immortal ^^

joined Jun 30, 2017

The moon sure is beautiful ^^

joined Sep 23, 2020

Yeah just like i love this two too much
I could die of too much sugar-y they're too cute

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