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Remember the matra: Kitaku never misses

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Bless Kitaku because now I call this canon until proven otherwise

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Excuse my ignorance, but shouldn't Chisato have a scar on her chest?
As in an open heart, one?

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this is art.

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Of course she has a scar from the operation. I have seen it in other stories. But, I really like how they interact with each other! They love each other very much and Chisato despite her brief time wants Takina to know that she’s greatly loved, important , and wants her to be filled with Chisato’s love! She wants to give Takina everything that she has! She wants Takina to know that she is loved now and always!!

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They are a close and caring couple . Their relationship feels natural and spontaneous! It’s not forced! I look forward to many more stories about this cute couple!

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