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I need a sequel haha. Also " You don't like the cool me" .... flips table - how could one not like THAT??? That's like the cherry on top.

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I can't belive that typesetter is actually new though. Font choice is great, the line-breaking doesn't feel unnatural, and I love that little touch on the SFX on page 5.

omg thank you, that's extremely kind of you.

Glad you all are excited for more Delinquent, btw =w= I'll be starting work on that soon, I got the raws in today!

I found this on Fujichika Senpai's pixiv tho and I had to get it over here lol

If you hadn't said you were new, I'd have never known it. You did an outstanding job, making the words as enjoyable to look at as much as the artist made the story enjoyable to read. Keep up the good work.

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dammmmn this deserves to be a series!! I want to see more of this character with this kind of story.

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atleast a sequel is a must, we need the pov of asada the announcer cuz looks like she already head over heels to our innocent four glasses.

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SOOOO good. i love this artstyle

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Thank you so much for all the work translating this, guys! Really appreciate it.

What a cute story. I want more! Hearing that you're picking up the delinquent story is an excellent balm on my heart though!
Take my energy! (> ' - ' )> ~~* ~~* ~~*

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Awwww! Nice!

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Darn nice!

And They Were Roommates
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predictable as hell but I really liked it it was cute, I really dig the artist's style.

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Oh my god, a full series of this would be so amazing. Fujichika makes such great work

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