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wait can dynasty just not handle emoji literally anywhere in the fucking interface it cuts off my comment too

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It's being weird, I tried changing the title but I get an upload error on the edit screen. Can't alter tags either (the workaround is to suggest and approve your own tags). The title field needs a space at the front to get emoji in it

...are there emoji in the file name? That might be the cause if so, the download button is also broken. RIP, saw that blank title. Guess not. I could've sworn there was a title with an emoji in it on here

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i removed the emoji in the file name and you can change tags now, i genuinely do not get how this site doesn't have proper unicode support

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because emojis are cringe
have you seen emojis ever used on 4chan?
there u have it

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It lacked Ryo asking for monetary compensation after the fact.

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nice title

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I like to think Bocchi is funding Nijiryo

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The title was crazy but I loved it. Very accurate. Thanks again for working in this and wish you an awesome birthday. Always looking forward to the summer because of you!

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Very spicy :hot_face:

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Scummy Bassist x Diligent Drummer is my favorite ship.

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her ruined face at the end is exquisite. I want to frame it.

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gex speedrun any% wr

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Are you guys aware why we find these AYAYAs cute?

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is that supposed to be ryo's hand on nijika's stomach on page 3? the positioning of her arm seems off

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