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thanks for reading the series


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Not on the same page at all for most of the chapter, but at least Sae finally noticed at the end that Chise really did enjoy their time together.

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I need learn to play mahong

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Another day of pretending I understand this game :3

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Another day of pretending I understand this game :3

One could make a vague approximation to playing cards. As a gross oversimplification Mahjong is like a more complex round of Go Fish or smth.

Think of the different tiles (Pins, Bamboo, etc.) as the suits (Heart, Spades, etc). And yaku you need to win a round with are like the hands in poker, some higher value than others.

Everyone draws and discards a card in order, keeping the size of their hand the same. Players can fish the discards of others to help complete hands and everyone is trying to get a combinations of cards they can win the most points with.

A round ends either when someone completes a hand and wins with it or when the deck runs out of cards for a draw.

At its most basic, that's it really.

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