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Honestly, I can kind of get it. I have the experience to attest to the fact that you do NOT expect your crush to be into the same sex. Of course, the type of lines Ayaka says to Hiroko are so fucking gay, though if you're so far down the "Everyone that I know is straight" rabbithole you'll also think that your crush is just insufferably straight.

okay this time I can not defend Hiroko what

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oh come on

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huh? How exactly do you....? Not get it....?

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Alright, look. I've read plenty of Idiot Couple stories. But this?

There's clueless, and then there's Hiroko. And that's coming from someone as oblivious as I am.

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I thought I’d seen dense characters in fiction before, but none of them, none of them, even come close to Hiroko.

You could chuck her into the Mariana Trench, and she’d be able to reach the bottom without getting crushed.

I’d say you could armor tanks with whatever material makes up her skull, but it’d be too dense and heavy to drive.

If you there her into a black hole, the combined density would be strong enough to create the second Big Bang.

If she was a tad bit bigger, the resulting gravitational pull would mean that the universe actually revolved around her.

Hell, I’m amazed she can even be depicted visually because, scientifically speaking, light should not be able to escape something that dense.

Jesus Christ!

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She's so fucking dense, that next chapter will be about the world getting obliterated by a black hole, appearing out of nowhere in Japan.

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Man, I wish the girls I like would give me signals like this! lol

Zed Leppelin
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Fine line between oblivious and braindead and she's definitely doing her best to cross it

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I swear to God she's gonna straight up propose and the damn idiot is gonna think "she's training for her boyfriend lololol straight girl olollol"

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Her level of density is legendary. She's hilarious.

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this is a disasterous level of denseness. It may cause the collapse of local space-time and end the world at any second!

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This isn't even funny anymore, this is just infuriating, it's atrocious how when one of the character is so likeable and well written like Ayaka, the other is such a braindead despicable idiot, this is starting to become unbearable, the negative aspect is outweighing the positives already

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Someone needs to paint "She loves you!" on the side of a 16-ton weight, then drop it on Hiroko's head.

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Someone needs to paint "She loves you!" on the side of a 16-ton weight, then drop it on Hiroko's head.

“She should pick less dangerous ways to confess to the guy she likes.”

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Hiroko's gaydar is in serious need of repair.

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Wow, this is actually starting to piss me off.

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I don't know, I feel like the misunderstandings (clear signs) are going to just continue on for a while. Not looking forward to more of this tbh, actual lesbian cannot hold the useless lesbian title, it doesn't work like that.

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Density approaching critical levels

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Seriously!?!?!? This shtick is getting really old really quick! The joke was more frustrating than funny to begin with. Now it is quickly rising to the level of Infuriating. I hope the author either wraps this up in a chapter or two, or moves on to a new gag.

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What do you mean!!?!?!!?

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Thanks for the translation!

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This level of forced misunderstandings and unnecessary prolonged suffering is highly unappealing to me and borders on sadistic. This author managed to firmly break through my range for suspension of disbelief. Unfortunately I will drop this now, despite the unqiue artstyle.

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this is stupid

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"Wow it sure was nice of Ayaka to invite me to her wedding, but it's kinda weird that I have to wear a bride's dress too. I guess I'll finally be able to see this boyfriend she's so obsessed with though."

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