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I feel like Pavlov's dog, waiting for a new chapter every two days...

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I didn't like Hiroko for a lot of the story, though getting her background makes her actions seem more sensible. But I also recognize that I'm just the sort of person who hates lies and liars, even "white" lies. So Ayaka forcing Hiroko to drag the truth out into the light is a plus in my book.

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EDIT: I also wonder how many people would see Ayaka as "pushy" and claim "she's not respecting boundaries", if the story was from Hiroko's pov and we were introduced to her emotional baggage first.

I mean I already do lol
But not really because its operating on romcom logic, this is this story's gimme, otherwise yeah if this were a more grounded story Ayaka's behavior would be very inappropriate and Hiroko largely blameless. Lying to another gay person about your sexual orientation isn't great but you're not obligated to be out to other gay people, especially if you don't trust them not to blab about it when you're living in a homophobic society and closeted for good reason. And her reasons for turning her down are also sensible, just because you like someone doesn't mean it's automatically a good idea to date them. Mostly people are mad because they want the catharsis of seeing them get together, just like every other series

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wher the hhek is my chapte

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Well that turned out better than expected. I’m looking forward to Ayaka’s all-out attacks from here on out.

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@Vankomycin: pretty sure he's a rival to ayaka haha. He likes hiroko and says in the next panel that he's gonna go all out too.

irl I would say ayaka's actions are largely inappropriate bc it forces hiroko with a response to her, which could put her in a situation where she would out herself. but for the premise of this story and the development of hiroko, I think it's a good thing.

I would be turned off if someone gave me a public confession at work, no matter the gender, but that's personally me.

good luck, ayaka!!! keep fighting the good fight and get hiroko!!!

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@Vankomycin: pretty sure he's a rival to ayaka haha. He likes hiroko and says in the next panel that he's gonna go all out too.

Oh, I saw. But he's going to lose and he knows it. Shipping the two of them will be his fallback position.

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The game is afoot. Hiroko better watch her back from now on or a wild, provocatively dressed Ayaka might snatch her into a kabedon.

Seriously though, they addressed both positions well, here. Hiroko is still not comfortable but Ayaka is now unleashed to be as flirty as humanly possible. The confidence in this woman lol. She knows Hiroko liked that dress and the skipping her way out. She's literally threatening Hiroko with a good time.

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Oh god... I can't say I dislike this XD but gee Ayaka, u need to chill lol Hope they can find a middle ground, huh?

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Ok so the story needs to keep moving forward...I like forceful stuff most of the time but I find Miss Ayaka to be way too pushy, I also heavily dislike public confessions/proposals or anything that may make the other person pressured to give a positive answer..but since it's manga it's ok! so let's see when this will end, it is Ayaka and Hiroko dating for sure.

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This is definitely a pretty gutsy move.

It cuts the rumor mill off at the head. Nobody's gonna gossip about something literally everybody in the office saw happen, which cuts the legs off of any malicious rumormongering or misunderstanding. If her coworkers react with homophobia, She's set it up as a one-sided love, which means she can just quit, leaving a job where she wouldn't have been comfortable and welcome anyway, and it shouldn't adversely effect Hiroko, who would just be seen as a victim. If they react positively, (which they did,) it actually removes a big swath of why Hiroko was afraid to come out in the first place. Either way, the only one outed here is Ayaka.

She's basically taken all the heat onto herself, which takes the pressure off of Hiroko and gives her the room to decide for herself what she actually wants.

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Ayaka is smarter than I gave her credit for clearly. I have a feeling, everything will work out just nicely for her.

Dynasty Reader
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Ayaka is smarter than I gave her credit for clearly. I have a feeling, everything will work out just nicely for her.

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I just love this, can't get enough

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Well this is one way to get the story back on track! Also her coworkers are hilarious, love em

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This is the best thing that's ever happened, omg. I lowkey expected this development from the loud announcement but for her to also be flirting so bOLDLY AND CONFIDENTLY oh my goodness. I frickin' love Ayaka. This is the yuri content we deserve.

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Hiroko pants show she had full experience in pleasure girls xd

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Finally one of them shows some balls.

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That second page of chap 18 is a golden reaction image

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Inglês é o cacete de ASA, essa língua não tem a CA.PA.CI.DA.DE de transmitir os grito q eu dei lendo o cap 18, tu tá é DOIDO boy, desmaiei bem umas 3 vezes, Sal Jian vc foi BABILONICA AGORA!!

Translation: Loved the last chapter guys, groundbreaking, cheers.

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This needs a live action adaptation. It's so good.

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I wasn't expecting a "suddenly caralho" moment in the comments, but it made me laugh

PT: Olha só, outro apreciador de yuri da esfera lusofona!

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People be saying Ayaka made the wrong move...YOU'RE ALL WRONG!

Knowing that the rumours started by the bastard back then are what lead to an uncomfortable position,it's now time to smash all that gossip crap once and for all.

Seize the means of lesbian love loudly and proudly!,let there be no hesitation,let there be no misunderstandings,and let there be no one else to get in your way!

Why let society stop you?,grab what you deserve with your own two hands!

Hiroko can try her damn hardest to worm out of this one!


This mans' first post was "HELL YEAH".


Everything Hiroko did,completely and utterly shattered,and if Ayaka wins,the entire office will find out that Hiroko does play ball with the other team(she'd probably also be forced to clarify that she doesn't play both sides nor operates an attack chopper),and the journey there will be filled with Hirokos' absolutely chewed over expressions.

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