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joined Apr 10, 2013

I really like the welcoming atmosphere.... I wanna eat cake...

joined Jun 7, 2013

Oho Lovely. I've always been interested in Homu x Mami pairing. :3

joined Sep 28, 2011

Oh look, a couple I didn't know I shipped

Nanoha Takamachi
joined Sep 1, 2013

Oh look, a couple I didn't know I shipped
Yep ! (^-^)/ I agree !

joined Jul 30, 2015

confused, what does Mami have to do with jasmines? i feel stupid...

joined Aug 16, 2015

In his afterword, the author is talking about an "HomuMami compilation" which has a prequel story to this one. It would be nice if we could get it someday, if possible. Or is it already there and I'm just too dumb to notice?

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