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The 'Be Careful, Onee-san' author made this? And it's in Comic Cune of all places?

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I'm down bad for this

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Bocchi Kaibutsu minus the monster girl.

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Be careful with those scissors onee-san

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Good gracious that was a lot to take in for a first chapter.
Interesting chapter, I wonder how it'll play out, and for how long she'll be able to keep up with the charade.
I do hope for the wholesomeness of Beauty and the beast girl (with the lewds and without the bittersweet ending).
I'm especially curious considering the author's other work.
Anyways, I'm darn on board! Thanks for picking it up and for your hard work!

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too much melodrama for me

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Damn this is honestly quite interesting. I do not like sad manga's at all but because I liked the art of Sasuke's other work I'll probably read it. I feel like it will somewhat be like the "beauty and the beast girl" was in the sense that the blind girl already knew that she was faking an identity. I feel like if this manga is done correctly it could go down incredibly well.

Also this is honestly one of the weirdest fucking shifts of a mangaka's works I've ever witnessed haha. Went from kinda degen romance comedy to tragic blind historical manga.

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gotta respect the mangaka for proving they have range, lol. it is hard to imagine two more different debut manga than this and Be Careful Onee-san. while i thought this chapter had a bit too much exposition (i could've figured out for myself the MC was pushing her guilt onto her brother's pen pal to avoid drowning in self-loathing), overall i quite liked it and i'm looking forward to future chapters even though it's apparently going to be trimonthly.

I feel like it will somewhat be like the "beauty and the beast girl" was in the sense that the blind girl already knew that she was faking an identity.

her bringing up "Kaoru's younger sister" did feel suspiciously well-timed. i'd also like this twist because it would complicate her character more to give her some deviousness.

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Calling it now, Lily totally knows the new Kaoru is a woman and is perfectly okay with it.

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Calling it now, Lily totally knows the new Kaoru is a woman and is perfectly okay with it.

If that happens, I’ll be disappointed. Somehow that would feel cheap, you know? I wanna see this main character grow up a little, and hopefully not just because Lily is completely pure-hearted and loving. Ideally, the main character will stop trying to STAB people, and figure out how to communicate her needs and desires.

Already the situation is pretty contrived and dramatic, so I feel like it’s gonna be hard to make it believable given the setup and the historical context… We’ll see how it goes, but I’m not sure about this one.

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Calling it now, Lily totally knows the new Kaoru is a woman and is perfectly okay with it.

She should have noticed by the clothes, I think. But it's not too much of a reach to think at this moment she's in denial and ignoring the differences she might feel (hand size, different attire, voice, previously long hair, boobs?, is shorter than Kaoru). And her getting out of this denial will be as dramatic as Hana deciding to become her brother.

But she will definitely be ok eventually. Hana's motives are as noble as they are tragic, and she's bound to fall in love with this shorter, high-pitched voiced Kaoru. Maybe Hana will have to eventually fake herself coming to visit her brother and Lily will start seeing the girl as a good friend — getting to know the real her, having a conversation not smudged by lies, just talking to Kaoru's little sister (with only the omission of a trick being played and this being the same person to begin with).

Anyways, I am usually a wuss who doesn't go for drama, but this is a PERIOD Drama so I am all for it. Can't stand the idea of waiting until June for a 2nd chapter.

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wait is her brother named "Fragrance" (Kaoru)?

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This is an insane premise

I’m here for it

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woah that was crazy

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Please god I hope she starts cross dressing that shit is like crack to me

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wait is her brother named "Fragrance" (Kaoru)?

Yes, and the girl's name is "Flower" (Hana). It makes for some thematic play, kind of "Kaoru might be gone, but the flower is here to take his place, it will give the same fragrance (i.e. love to Lily) all the same, and the fragrance coming from the flower right there with Lily is not fake despite what Hana might say about herself", I guess

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Well this should be interesting

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Looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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Aww Tae... I mean Lily is soooo adorable! I love her already. Very interested to see where this goes surely she's going to find out somehow. Shower hijinks of "Korou... Why does it feel like you have da boobies" No actually I expect this to be incredibly angsty and the complete opposite of Onee-san lol.

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Damn,they partially look like the same characters from the other series.

Also,double damn,that scissors bore witness to an almost impulse murder,then impulse suicide,and now a cover up,poor thing needs some PTSD counseling.

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Period dramas are the best source of pain

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This is the right amount of fucked up for me

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Those are really impressive scissors, to cut off all that hair at once
So this used to be a one shot right? Are there any differences now that it's the first chapter of the serialisation?

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