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Absolutely glorious first chapter

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aw cute. I need all cheaters to perish though
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i almost passed this chapter over bc of the cheating tag but i'm glad it wasn't the MCs

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fun and sweet, the regulars are great.. this is the fun vibe of a story I want more of.

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Oh god this feels like its gonna be messy

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This was interesting. I wasn't expecting the continuation to go this way, but it makes sense given Midori's characterization. She knew Baba was cheating on her for a long time, that was never news to her. And it's also true that her face seems permanently locked into that sort of pleasant smile, so if Baba is one of the few people who doesn't mind that it makes sense she finds it relaxing to be around him despite his...*many* flaws.

Still, this is definitely a unique direction for a romance manga to go. As cute as Kyouko is, Midori is fast becoming my favorite character; I don't think I've ever seen someone quite like her.

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i was pretty excited for this after chapter 1 but chapter 2 kind of has me questioning the trajectory of this story.

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Bro that’s literally the same person from their other manga. They didn’t even try to change the design

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i've been waiting for this one so glad its getting picked up

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i was pretty excited for this after chapter 1 but chapter 2 kind of has me questioning the trajectory of this story.

The two women get married and then adopt the ex as their son...?

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The next chapter will be on the 17th of June. Ain't no way am I gonna be able to wait that long (T_T)

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Yeah…. I’m seeing so red flags here. This lady has some serious issues.

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I wasn't sold on the first chapter, but this one has me kind of interested. Nothing really stands out to me about the characters individually, but the dynamic between love interest lady and her ex is one I've never seen before. No idea where it'll go from here, though.

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The next chapter will be on the 17th of June. Ain't no way am I gonna be able to wait that long (T_T)

Err, I think that might be June of last year. I skimmed over the raws not too long ago and there's a handful of chapters out.

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i sure hope they stop talking about the cheater in the next chapters lol

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Midori has some serious issues with enmeshment, and I do not see how anyone outside of a professional psychiatrist (which Kyouko definitely isn't, even if she didn't have a massive crush on her) can help her sort them out. :-/

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Uh yeah she's a walking red flag, hopefully our mc has somewhat better judgement

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Uhhhhhhhhhhh. What?

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What the fox?
This must be some japanese woman logic that been not had a boyfri is worse than don’t had one

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Goddamn reminds me of After Hours where she was STILL living with her ex-boyfriend.

But now he is eternally bro,or maybe even son?,zoned.

Go get her,Kyouko,and one beef cutlet too!

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For now this looks like trash. And trash belongs in the trash can.

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I think I already see a pattern in this author's both works - both have these rather unusual relationship setups :P And I actually was wondering if the ex is going to be a recurring character because he's clearly on the cover (along with the brother), so he's not just a throwaway character. I'm interested to see how does this unfold.

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ohhh I might like this better than the author's other work titled "With a Lady Who Likes My Sister"
though it's early to say, let's see where this goes, so excited to see when the OL will fall in love to our supportive and innocent cute waitress.

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The ex is a cheating piece of junk, but Midori’s maternal feelings have infected me. I hope that he can reappear now and then for some good comic relief

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