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So if the sword is rooted inside you, what you're saying is the Princess has to reach deep inside you to get it

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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this story is cute and honestly the art style is enchanting, hope it runs for a lil while

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Sounds interesting

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Sista Sara gave her that scoot a loot sliding in next to her lol. interesting concept sounds like she's gotta fall in love with the dear sister and it can help bring the sword out this should be interesting.

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A fantasy series with a nun featuring cathartic trauma healing?? Sign me up!

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Hm, not sure about this one, but the twist is interesting enough for me to give it another chapter

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Why are young female sovereigns in manga (and other stories) always called princesses? She's wearing the crown, so she should be queen.
I know it doesn't change anything, but this constant missnomer is really vexing!
Please stop belittling our cute female totalitarian rulers!

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Why are young female sovereigns in manga (and other stories) always called princesses? She's wearing the crown, so she should be queen.

Historically, there's been plenty of countries where the title of the ruler was 'Prince'. Doesn't apply here, since her dad was king, though

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This is totally going to be a story where Natalia pulls the sword out of Saras' arse.

That or Sara will figure out how to pull it out of her arse.

Regardless,that is the typical way of the fantasy character who carries Skyrim levels of nonsense on their person.

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Thanks for hosting.

This manga comes with a backstory.
Years ago Kamejiro started drawing cute sketches of a princess and nun. Those developed into short SoL episodes which eventually grew into a full-fledged narrative. This went on for over 34 self-published chapters before being picked up for serialization. Kamejiro asked if it was possible to simply continue the story where it left off, and one of the few demands they made was to restart everything.

So here we are.

With a good idea of where things are headed, this first chapter might be a little deceptive. The hooks are all there—one of the many improvements of the serialized version is the foreshadowing—but you might not expect the darker turns coming up. And Kamejiro made it clear this will be revisiting a lot of the same material with some revamping and combining of Natalia and Sara's perspectives; originally mostly 2 separate stories.

I was completely hooked on this one from the original manga (the world needs more action and classic fantasy yuri) so I'm excited to see how it goes. I always love an artist in love with their work.

And apologies for the small image resolution. It's the best Comic Walker offers. There's always a catch.

Why are young female sovereigns in manga (and other stories) always called princesses? She's wearing the crown, so she should be queen.

Historically, there's been plenty of countries where the title of the ruler was 'Prince'. Doesn't apply here, since her dad was king, though

Technically I missed calling Natalia's father king from an earlier draft of my translation and would have at least changed that to lord for consistency. But I believe Luis was still called Prince Luis for his short term in the throne. Natalia is definitely Princess Natalia; called 皇女さま/imperial princess more formally and standard 姫さま/princess more casually.Can't explain it, but that's how it is in the Land of Wind.

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Good luck Sister Sara, high maintenance girlfriends are worth it, sometimes.

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Great artstyle, original story, characters that I immediately click with, FANTASY YURI!!!?? This series is perfect y'all.

Thank you so much @noighd for once again bringing us an amazing series!

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oh god im in, this could be sooooooo goooddd!!

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Ohh some nice stuff here. Kida gives me a Nagori Yu feel for some reason. Thanks for the scanlation!

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The design is so comfy, the story maybe no

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Loving the sister. Can't wait to see how it develops.

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So the sword is rooted in you, but you have no clue how to summon it out of your body?

Try this incantation:

"O Roses of the noble castle,
Power of Dios that sleeps within me,
Heed your master and come forth,

It'll work like a charm.

(Not sure what the royal court will think when they hear you call for revolution, tho...)

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Thank you for the information in the credits page

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I'm quite interested in this one! While I've read enough vaguely European fantasy stories for several lifetimes, by medieval standards or otherwise, the aesthetics and vibes of this particular offering seem to rely less on your usual adventuring knights-and-mages staples (at least until Nat uses the Sylpheed to dice some monsters up at an appropriate stage in the tale for sword lesbian heroics) and more on that whimsical, charming, melancholy, sylvan and dryadic atmosphere I associate generally with a lot of shoujo-flavoured tales from 90s and noughts (though it is still very much alive and continues to furnish a ton of witch-centric media especially), with its dedication to the poetry of nature, the questions of fate as whispered by the stars and the night, the quest for a guiding and heartening spirit in the wilds of the world, and a fierce love for life itself in every form and feeling. It's an excellent spirit to conjure, cast and animate a work with, and especially so for queer narratives, which I find at their most charming when they're effusive and eloquent and melodramatic and maudlin, singing of deep old pains and autumn memories, breathing odes in the trail of an eye and elegies to fleeting smiles, ruefully Romantic. Here too, there's glimpses of that fae-feathered flair, lucent in Natty's gasping incantations and arcane in Sister-from-another-Twister Sara's musings on the will of the wind gods or whatever delightfully pagan end she's appropriating those crosses for (Nat's face when Sara coquettishly says they're in a Class S situation and leads her behind the chapel away from the eyes of the Koala God only to reveal she was in fact talking about the gear ranking of the magic sword in her soul).

Speaking of divinities and assorted other sapphic icebreakers, I also feel like this chapter sets up a pretty interesting thematic tension between free will and determinism insofar as they pertain to the prevailing ideas and institutions of this setting's culture? Nat's misgivings and uncertainties about her capacity to rule due to her inability to consistently enact the rituals and images of a traditional series of royal performances forms a fascinating contrast with Sara's conviction in her divine role and value as established by a series of powers whose specific directions she knows little about (though "Locate Beautiful Brooding Rich Local Women and Offer Emotional Support and Magic Massages" seems as good a place as any to begin). The story's central image of wind beautifully expresses this ambivalence, being as it is at once a herald and force of nature, shaping the lay and lore of the land across seasons, and yet often as sudden and striking as a dervish or gale rippling through moments stifling or sedate, a potence and promise that responds at once to a ruler's call and yet blows many a favorite son away, buffeting poor Nat with neither-head-nor-tail winds that have deposited nevertheless a destiny in her arms (or vice/virtue versa). In a world where swords can bloom from hearts and the hands of fate are as breaths in the trees, perhaps the only certainty lies in the warmth of kindred hands (along with a good night's sleep). The royal and the religious are my two least favorite types of people, generally speaking, but the abundant breeziness of this premise keeps them from being too stuffy, and if their tale runs long and hard enough to truly channel the spirit of all the woodsy fae yarns it reminds me of, then I'm sure Estates One and Two will suffer enough arboreal atrocities on the route to their cottagecore leafily-ever-after to have thoroughly endeared themselves to me.

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Lol ouch Seems her little brother rule was short lived (probably a few years??). Hmm so the princess' current sword is just a replica, it looks the same as the real sword but isn't the real sword....Hmm I wonder if it is a tradition for the real sword to be just sealed/inserted inside a random person/nun when the last ruler/inheritor dies??? It is very much implied that way since this nun has no idea of the princess will get the sword out of her XD

Meaning that wind magic the princess cast was just her own magic powers and not the sword.

Like did her brother had the real sword or just the replica too??? Because if he had the real sword then he wasn't lying about seeing/remembering past memories but if just a replica then he just gave his sister false hope in being able to remember past memories of her mother and father + brother.

Hmm the princess misunderstanding the nun's look for the nun wanting the sword and the nun misunderstanding/trusting the princess was telling the truth when the sword is her pillar (...yeah no, the princess doesn't even care about the sword anymore since no memories of her family and just a memento of her family at most.)

The princess probably wouldn't care too much if she was told her sword was a fake sword (might be surprised but she wouldn't feel bad). Too bad the princess is putting up a tough front right now lol...hopefully the misunderstandings will only last about 2-3 chapters before they start getting doki doki with each other :D

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I really thought the nun was evil right up until the end of the chapter... This is great. Excited to see what happens next.

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Oh my, comedy? Fantasy? Adventure?? In my yuri??? Not just magic in some random school, not just comedy, but a real yuri fantasy adventure story?? I'm really looking forward to this

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This is going to be good, I can feel it.

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Oh, I thought it'd be straightforward nun romance, then I thought the nun was gonna betray her, so for surprising me twice and actually seeding the twist about the sword being fake earlier, this has my interest.

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