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Oh no, another manhua with pretty art where everyone is hot, whatever will u do

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I Loooove it. No veo el tag de vampire... Así que asumo que no habrá esa temática? Me encanta. Espero mas caps.

Plsssss be an actual vamp, plssssssssss

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holy shit this art, this WOMAN

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Well, just going to go ahead and put this in favorites already.

On a side note, I REALLY hope that she's an actual vampire

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I really like this art style

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Uh omg please never let this one stop and it's only the first chapter @_@ I'm in love with her.

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"Sorry I couldn't help but stare while thinking about how badly I want to draw your hot body", well she has a way with words I'll give her that lmao

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I'm just as gone as the protagonist. Take me girl, puh-leeeeeeeeease

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Now this is interesting. I wonder if if Bo He's dream is actually some kind of premonition.

The word used to describing Huang Qi in the title (風流 - literally 'wind and flow') has various meanings, including elegant, refined, unrestrained, romantic, or promiscuous.

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good lord, those eyes... (not to mention the rest of her!)
eyes glowing slightly in shadow is just perfect

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A fluffy and sexy story about Bo He, a landlady, and her tenant, Huang Qi.

I like the synopsis.

Purple Library Guy
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Certainly truth in advertising--as promised, the tenant is indeed flirty. And then some.

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Very flirty. And art is lovely.

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I am not sure it's flirting anymore. Flirting implies a will-they-or-won't-they uncertainty at least to some degree. Huang Qi's entire presence makes it abundantly clear from the start that they will, and then some.

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Ma'am, that is quite intense. I'm blushing and sweating from the heat. Please keep going...

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Unholy Mother of God.
I am going to hell for gay disease. Feel free to come along with me.

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Well, that was quite the start. Let's see where it goes from here...

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Hot damn, now this is something

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i cannot wait to see where this goes holy shit

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People: "Fuck landlords!"
Manhua artists: "Hmmm...yes!"

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This is a fabulous 1st episode!

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Paying rent is going to get steamy fast.

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"Is this sexual harassment?"

yes, but you're not the one doing it

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What a beautiful and unique artstlye, can't wait for more of this!

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