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BL can be Yuri

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Anything can be Yuri if you believe hard enough.

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Pretty good bl

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I am the exact target this is aimed for.

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This is yuri with my Oculust YR(yuri reality) headset

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Maybe it's...BLuri?

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anything can be yuri if you smash your goggles on hard enough, just ask /u/

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bl or yuri... either way, love is love and this is great

joined Mar 19, 2022

That end page lol, I'm not sure if this BL either, but its certainly yuri. Even their sisters are going out.

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Awww. Cute, but confusing.

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I thought this was a new artist on dynasty until I saw the "woman" character designs haha good ol Haru. fun little story

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Damn that artist sounds like an asshole on the last page. It's like they think femboys aren't real

joined Sep 8, 2019

Wonder who's their sister is, it might be related to any works the author has done before?

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This one Helluva can of worms.

Forget not trying to get a girlfriend,he had no idea how to even speak to them in a way that made sense.

But then he gets speech 100 and has them both become girls.

And now the rant about yuri and yaoi becomes their defining point.

This is madness!

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I don’t care what their genders are; I support them fully and completely and will give them all my money to continue going on cute dates

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Thats wild thing went 100 rather quickly good one.

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Wait wait wait their sisters are going out!!? This is even better than I thought it was

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“A well-trained yuri reader should be able to see yuri in any relationship” Taguchi-sen, Futari Escape mangaka

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"that being said, they are both bottoms so this should be called yuri" RIP LMAO

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"that being said, they are both bottoms so this should be called yuri" RIP LMAO

for as you see, femdom is always straight. as the bottom one is the girl and the femdom is a man.

thus making it vanilla

important edit: sarkasm

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Waiter, there is some yuri in my bl.

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Thanks, Yatosaki Haru-sensei, for your notes on yuri in page 9. You're speaking my heart.

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it's yuri if you keep your socks on but BL if you take them off

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This is easy yuri if you just headcanon trans

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wish i had a sister like that

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