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joined Mar 28, 2021

Wow. Hentai aside (could have made without tbh), that was dark.

joined Jul 11, 2022

What a rollercoaster wtf

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Holy shit, I didn’t expect that wtf

joined Jun 19, 2014

damn that was all kinds of things

joined Aug 29, 2019

Well that certainly was one of the doujinshi I've ever read.

joined Jan 19, 2020

I couldn't take it too serious after reading the sex scene but daaaaaamn that was dark

joined Sep 6, 2018

It ain’t gonna sell any where.

joined May 10, 2021

What the actual fuck was that?!
I mean I guess I kinda liked it but still...

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Why does the boss look like the dad from Anonymous Agony?

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i liked it and wanted to see more of this artist, but there are some errors on the credit-page...
the twitter- and also the deviantart-username have a small but important error... (pixiv is correct)
it's both times "god8456" [not "god8546"] ;o)

joined Mar 19, 2022

This is like if one of the worst edgy fanfic stories ever was magically transformed into a manga.

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this is just a shorter, more edgy (with worse art) version of Kill me now lol.
joined Apr 19, 2012

Honestly what a rollercoaster

joined Sep 7, 2021

Man I have been reading all kinds of horror, gore, violence and smut recently. If I see a manga about assassins and murder I am reading it lol.

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joined Sep 11, 2020

Prolly needs a rape tag, put in a request for it.

I usually don't read the depressing as fuck stories, dunno why I felt compelled to read this. A lot of the time it feels more shock-factor than anything. But hey, glad people can enjoy it.

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joined Oct 26, 2018

So much complaining in the comments again kekw. Not like any of you can do better.

joined Jun 25, 2019

So much complaining in the comments again kekw. Not like any of you can do better.

Ah the good old argument "you can't do better". Yes i can't do better but does it matter ? If you couldn't criticized something if you couldn't do better, then there will near to none criticism.

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Ohh did she actually kill that little one? Hmmm this could be something interesting if given a wee longer development

joined Jul 16, 2013

She got her revenge in the end.

joined May 13, 2018

Legit wtf happened lol. I have no clue how that went from "I will kill you" to "lick my pussy" so quickly

joined Dec 25, 2021

She's just summoning her Persona. She'll be fine.

joined Jun 21, 2021

a rollercoaster of emotions

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