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joined Apr 28, 2022

Oooo these two are back! I reread the first one since it's been a bit xD I love Kuran so much she's basically just me I rant about the dumbest shit and get annoyed when my friends don't listen to me lol.

I really hope we start getting more of these two and not just every 3-4 months really love both of them.

joined Sep 27, 2017

Soft-Serve ice-cream for the girl with soft squish-able cheeks, all is right in the world!

joined Feb 5, 2020

cameramen killed her grandma

joined Oct 3, 2021

"Because the cameras killed my grandma, okay!?"

joined Mar 30, 2021

they're so adorable...

Purple Library Guy
joined Mar 3, 2013

Very chill. I can work with this.

joined Jan 30, 2017

We are only at chapter 2 and I'm already praying for an anime adaptation. This manga is so good!

joined May 7, 2021

This is the good stuff.

joined May 12, 2020

Kuran is much too cynical for her age. Throw her a bone or two at least.

joined Dec 20, 2018

Someday she'll avenge her village.

joined Jul 15, 2020

Someday she'll avenge her village.

Uchiha Kuran

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joined Oct 4, 2018

Someday she'll avenge her village.

Uchiha Kuran


joined Nov 24, 2022

This is soooo cuteeee

joined Jul 31, 2022

I love these two already! I love their derpy drool faces lol

joined Aug 12, 2020

The story loop has a nice pause near the chapter end where the emotions abruptly change from casual to raw vulnerability. I like that. The clothing art is so good I can almost feel the fluffiness.

joined Jan 9, 2017

Almost all K-dramas are like that! They always have to shove romance into everything even when it makes no sense at all! It's like some type of plot armor that forces the characters to just fall in love!

Jeonghoon I ... I love the Marinara meatball sub!

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