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asocial gyarus w/ no pickles dynamic...!

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Looks great, thank you for the scanlation

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lmao that movie is like, half a dozen stock plots awkwardly stitched together.

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That movie reminds me a lot of this... :D

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Your Name (2016) type movie

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Enjoyable first chapter. I even liked their school buddies teasing them, because they're so eager to spend time together. "Ukeru!"

Also makes me even more annoyed over all of those CGDCT series that don't have a sweet bickering couple like this as part of the cast. It's almost always just someone maybe having a crush and not being able to ask anyone out, or unrequited love.

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Really solid first chapter, love these two

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The more manga I read, the more I appreciate how important small details are in making characters feel real and compelling. Things like the dumb "permission to speak" joke and Ichika whispering her order to Kuran aren't necessary for the plot but do a great job of encapsulating their respective personalities, relationship dynamic, and how close/comfortable they are with each other -- with barely any expository dialogue, too. I've already reread the chapter several times and haven't gotten bored.

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Kuran's hair is weirding me out. Why is it thinning at the bottom like that?

I dunno maybe she has alopecia

judging by the the cover isn't that just a different color?

It's how her hair is dyed. It's callled peekaboo highlights or something similar.

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Almost all K-dramas are like that! They always have to shove romance into everything even when it makes no sense at all! It's like some type of plot armor that forces the characters to just fall in love!

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Getting my partner to talk for me is something i can relate to.

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Oh shit, I was just recently re-reading this author's NicoTori works and now this. Nice nice

DR2 Hajime Hinata
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the author's art improved a lot, really nice

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need more

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Very cute indeed

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This is gooooood. Great character dynamics of a caliber you don't see often.

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It started out so cute and then degenerated to unprotected hand-holding right at the end. How scandalous!

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This is adorable already. I love stories where they're already girlfriends from the start

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What the hell? This is so cute and charming. Who does their dynamic remind me of?

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Artwork in this manga is above average compared to what’s on this site.

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If seen a confy manga about two girls dating and doing silly things

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Artwork in this manga is above average compared to what’s on this site.

Damn, that's cold

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I’m hoping we will continue to get one cynical rant per chapter; this is great

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I wanna be...

Where the people are

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