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Well... that's one subversion of expectation.

I still think this is a bit too edgy but it may be a good twist in the formula if they keep the changes.

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the change in the mood was so striking wwww

I laughed out loud when she got what was coming to her. They're going to find their humanity in each other, that's for sure.

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When I saw Maria I thought she would be like an "Etoile" from Strawberry Panic, but It doesn't seems hah

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all i could say is omagad

edit: definitely died from laughing at the end

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unexpected twist but a welcome one

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What the fuck is this, lmao. Hope to see more!

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Off to a great start.

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Given the author, this might end up being quite the ride.

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Reading the comments is pushing me to make a second attempt to finish but ngl I almost drop it at page 8(or is it eleven?)
Will come back with my full thoughts

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The end took me by surprise, it was very funny.
Overall it's seems interesting, can't wait for what happen next.

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hmmm, I suppose I'll need some more chapters to get a real read on this story but also this is from an author who is pretty famous for extremely over the top emotional drama so I can kind of guess where we're going already.

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piss marking just makes you cat, which means you are automatically bottom

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I don't know what to say yet, if I were going by the tags I would think FUCK YEAAAAAAAH but the dystopian premise is hard to digest, I will follow it quietly because I don't want my first impression to ruin the mood of the discussion.

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This is gonna get dark fast.

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Hattori Masahiko has always shown flashes of being a great writer, they just have a tendency to be kind of unfocused and all over the place. This chapter, however, is the best of theirs I've seen by far. I am legitimately really impressed by how tightly it's written; in just a single chapter we get introduced to the sci-fi premise, meet four characters all of whom are already showing some complexity, a little sociopolitical commentary, and even get a great humor scene at the end. It's good enough to make me disappointed it'll only be three chapters; this premise could easily support much more.

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I do wonder how it will handle its own dystopia because like clearly the A-class students are at the top of the school hierarchy but they're also just straight up not allowed to graduate and leave the academy for as long as they live. And any student whose genetics are worth a damn to this dystopian society is seemingly only alive to have children worth more than they are.

Then on the other hand the D-class students are at the bottom but because they're not worth shit in terms of genetics they're also the only people who are given the opportunity to be worth something in terms of actual ability as they function as governors to the A-class "breeding stock"

It's very much setting itself up to be just like the B-class girl Sara says, nobody here is being treated like they're fully human and while the A-class students might seem to have it better they are actively dehumanized as part of the system, to which the answer might just be exactly as Sara says to start treating everyone like they're just humans like yourself in an attempt to break free from the oppressive class system this dystopia has created.

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Shouldn't this have a "what the fuck did I just read" tag? Cause that's what I thought at the end.

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This is Hattori Masahiko so strap in for the fucking wildest experience of your life.

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Good, spank that spoiled brat lol. I like when the MC can stand up for themselves, this could be an interesting read.

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this will involve futanari, won't it?

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I had to put my phone down, take a step back, and think about what the fuck I just read...

I think I'm going to like this one

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this will involve futanari, won't it?

I really hope not. We've already seen a very male-looking Nephilim with male pronouns so maybe this'll be more nuanced in what it means by "androgynous".
Also the Chinese translation is already available for the next chapter...uh...elsewhere and it certainly doesn't look like it in the first scene, in which Maria is naked. There's what looks like a forced breeding scene later but everyone's basically fully clothed and it's 110% ambiguous visually what genitals are or are not involved.

In a sci-fi setting this focused on reproduction there shouldn't even be a need for fucking and any combination of sex/gender should be able to reproduce artificially. But whatever.

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I really hope not. We've already seen a very male-looking Nephilim with male pronouns so maybe this'll be more nuanced in what it means by "androgynous".

Speaking of this part, pages 21-22 are kind of confusing. I'm not sure if it will matter later, but here this dude is kicking someone from Lucifer's posse. You can see her (Lucifer) in the opening pages. Funnily, Satan is also in the opening pages as being a totally different person in class Z. And apparently, there's a Ricky Gervais bloodline at this school? (Ah, nevermind, that's the french composer Gervaise.)

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Ngl kinda confusing premise, but the ending definitely peaked my interest. Was not expecting the reversal and spanking to come in like that lmao.

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