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Yass, horse girls~ Also Helios supportive slang queen

This series is a gem for ships like Touhou or Kantai

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That's so smooth

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This one shot needs more Rice Shower she is the best horsegirl. And by it needs more it means she wasn't here and should have been the main focal point :|

First time I've seen a Uma Musume one shot of any kind. I did enjoy the anime season one was so happy and fluffy and cute... And then season two just makes you cry like ten times an episode haha. Either way I'd love to see more of these.

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that was the most wholesome thing ive read in quite a while, loved it!

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Mekimeki Oukoku delivers. As usual.

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Horse girls wholesome universe

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Amazing doujin, almost died from cuteness overdose while reading, but it was worth it.

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glad to see that the uma musume fandom is alive and well

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Damn what a high quality doujin - hope to see more Uma Musume stuff uploaded here in the future!

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The best part is in the game they can had all the kids the want, xd

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Great translation. Can't wait to see more from this group!

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