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joined Jan 26, 2022

Ain't no way it ended like that, man....

joined Aug 21, 2017

I'll take a confession, good enough. Thanks for scanlating.

joined Jul 13, 2020

What a shitty end! Is the laziest end ever by far! Looks like the artist got tired and just write "end" on the last page on some random chapter. If you write a complex story, with plots everywhere, i can understand that you forget/let out some of them unsolved. But this story established just one thread to untie: The relationship between a model and her mannager. You can´t leave it totally unconcluded 'cause the story becomes wasted time. Nothing changes between them, they may have confessed their feelings to each other but their relationship doesn't change at all. I hope the artist has reserved some extra chapter(s) that shuts my mouth off..

Purple Library Guy
joined Mar 3, 2013

Well, that was a . . . sedate, ending.

joined Jun 20, 2022

I wonder if the sudden end came from the author or publisher.. and I was really invested in this one too, damnit
Anyway I liked the style so time to follow the author and see what they come up with next, their pixiv have a new story but i can't read jp so we wait for our scan gods to bless us

And They Were Roommates
joined Apr 17, 2023

Yeah I'm gonna have to agree with the others saying that the ending felt rushed, and it's probably because it was. Now I'm not gonna blame the author as this seems to be more of a case of the publisher rushing them to end it. That being said I thought the ending was cute, I liked how they were able to confess and talk about their emotions like reasonable adults, which seems to be a rarity in these works. It was honestly reminiscent of the ending scene of The Apartment (1960). These two are cute and I wish them the best in their relationship in a society that might not be as acceptable, especially given Hisaki's modeling career and how it can be affected by it.

joined Sep 14, 2015

The ending didn't feel rushed. It felt like a car crash.

joined May 25, 2018

yep, that sure is an ending

joined Nov 23, 2014

I'm sorry this was a pretty cute series, but that was the "that's it?"iest of all the "that's it?" endings out there. Well maybe not, but probably up there! I wonder if the author had to cut it short for any number of possible reasons? Ah well, thanks anyway, and to the translators as well.

joined Mar 16, 2018

What's with all these series and not ending it with a kiss? Give us what we want before you go!

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the plain manager at the end.. she's so matter of fact and direct with what she says, it's actually kind of attractive lol. abrupt as an ending but pretty unique, I'll take it. bonus points to yuria being all "?! doki doki" cause same

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Out of all the endings I've read, this is one of them. Understandable if publishing didn't go as planned and the author had to wrap it up. I'm not exactly disappointed but yeah.

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Well that sucked. :/

joined Oct 9, 2016

Kinda good ending but it came quite suddenly. Still, nice story.

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At least it concluded. And while I enjoyed it, it wasn't anything great. It's business and if it doesn't sell it has to go make space for other better products.

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Theres got to be an epilogue or one-shot sequel down the line. It felt a bit abrupt but I still liked it

Random Reader
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Kinda glad it didn't end with a kiss at the end since there was no hint from our plain manager. Wouldn't have made sense. Cute series though.

joined Jul 19, 2021

If you look at the chapter list in chapter 6, there is an epilogue.

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Well there’s the epilogue. I guess they’re in a relationship now? We didn’t get much information. And still no kiss. Unless you count the cheek kiss in that bonus illustration.

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Kinda glad it didn't end with a kiss at the end since there was no hint from our plain manager. Wouldn't have made sense. Cute series though.

I read an romance story WITH NOT ROMANCE TT^TT WTF

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Lightweight X Lightweight is a good dynamic

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I DO hope we get at least one more chapter, later....

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kinda disappointed the series ended as soon as feelings were realized and we didn't get to see any of them acting like a couple until this tiny epilogue but I'll take it

And They Were Roommates
joined Apr 17, 2023

aww they look cute as brides

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