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joined Aug 12, 2021

damn really didn't expect Hod to turn out to be the chad here.

joined Aug 30, 2020

Always delighted to see Project Moon content. Itadakimasu.

joined Aug 16, 2014

Interesting that the original was deleted and they had to find archives of the work, wonder why that happened.

joined Jul 13, 2014

For how dignified and powerful Zena actually is in the game, she sure gets to be the butt of the joke in this type of thing. Even Hod is topping her! Also, that's power abuse and waste of energy to keep forcing Baral tearing a gate just to visit Binah lmao.

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Kankan is one of those artists who LOVES deleting their work all the time for no reason. If you like FGO or Bloodborne you might remember some comics about Abigail Williams in Yarnham. Those were also by kankan. Deleted.

joined Jul 13, 2014

Uwah, I just realized the implication of "a little girl from back then" when they referred to Hod. They were talking about Michelle, weren't they...

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