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Now there's a reason to dislike 7SE i can get behind. Fuck that union-busting bullshit.

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...welp, ça me fait penser que je should go for Escale à Yokohama instead of patiently waiting for the official YKK English translation.

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Well guess I won’t be buying from seven seas anymore

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What I don't understand is that 7SE is a small, passion-based outfit. It was founded in 2004 by a manga geek, still only had 10 employees in 2018, and only recently expanded up to 40 employees over the last few years. Everyone must know everyone, and surely they all share the same love for the hobby. In other words, this isn't a megacorp ran by faceless suits. How in God's name can you think, that at a 40-person hobby business, spending the budget on a union-busting firm is better than properly compensating your coworkers?

Not to mention that it seems completely futile. The solidarity of 30 employees who all know each other personally is going to be a lot harder to break than the more-difficult-to-organise thousands that these firms are normally brought in to disrupt by national corporations. And not only is it pointless, it's completely destroying their own PR with a sledgehammer. Who on Earth would want to buy manga from them knowing that their money is going not towards paying employees but instead this nonsense? Union-busting is always stupid, but this particular effort is truly unfathomable.

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union-busting = cringe

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Not surprised, but a bit...amused(?) (disturbed?) that a company some of us have moved onto, and many of us at least want to respect, that's been bathing itself in these "underdog" vibes for the last 15 years, is going megacorp as soon as there are meaningful financial stakes. Tale as old as time I guess. Best of luck to the union.

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Not sure if anyone else was following this, but wanted to update that last week the union-busters were defeated and the union was successfully recognised. Money well spent, wasn't it? I'm still in disbelief that the owner of such a small company was determined to stiff their workers that badly, but I'm glad for the union.

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Apparently Seven Seas themselves recognised the errors of their ways.

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^ more like they realised they had no hope of winning and now they’re trying to save face.

I’m happy for the union though.

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Yeah, either way this is a good thing.

Just a pity that things like that happen in the first place. Makes me glad for my countries policies.

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