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but in the mean time I guess we have this! And more to come as it seems this is a whole volume that takes place after they start dating.

It actually looks more like a collection of unrelated one shots (e.g. that stargazing story that just dropped), so I think that's it.

The last chapter of the collection is related to 2DK as well

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The Scottish kills me because I can only hear it in my mind as Fat Bastard or Ravs from the yogscast

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aren't they gonna clarify about the kohai sending love imoji part. I really hope some miracle scanlator will pick this up.

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I saw this new release and immediately went to read all of the main series. So good! Really hope a kind and wealthy benefactor appears to get the rest translated, but this sequel one-shot is good for now :)

Gotta agree with the "ok, a plot device sure...please never do that to your partner to teach them a lesson." I'm excited to see the story that leads up to this one!

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Will the original story ever be translated?

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when i first read 2DK and found out there were only 14 chapters translated, i was so worked up that i dug up the whole internet to found all the raw file, downloaded it, used translator on every single damn page to read them all.

That is to say, It's worth it. If anyone could translate the whole manga, I'd definitely read it again.

where did you find the raw chapters?

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Looking back on this now, it's amusing how it ended basically the same way as the main series. No sleep for Nanami.

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No sleep for Nanami.

This is the Way.

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