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joined May 11, 2020

Oooh mixing things up huh? Except not really... Still giving the people what we want so how can we complain?

joined Jul 28, 2016

Zanka’s writing is clearly evolving since there are two maids instead of just one.

joined Aug 30, 2020

Great, now there's two of then

joined Mar 16, 2022

Of course Zanka and the maid(s) fetish.

joined Aug 28, 2018

TWO maids?! Zanka you're such a fucking genius.

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"Hmm, I've been writing maid fantasies for a while now, how can I freshen it up a little? That's right, make it two maids!!!"

Seriously though, I can sorta respect that Zanka knows what they like drawing and just go for it. That's real dedication there

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joined Jul 15, 2016

Editor: "Zanka-sensei, your work needs to grow, to evolve. You've married your maid fetish to every other kink on the market already. You need to move on to bigger things."
Zanka: "Watch me."

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Zanka Orlong: "Witness."

joined Aug 29, 2019

Well the last Zanka entry didn't feature a maid as such, so to make up for it, no better way to do it than including two maids in the next entry.

joined Aug 2, 2020

I simply love how enticing Zanka's works are. Sometimes, less is more, even for NSFW doujinshis.

joined May 24, 2013

I can't wait for maid triplets manga

joined May 20, 2022

Zanka: What’s better than One maid….*light bulb goes off* I GOT IT.

And that is how Mistress and Twin Maids was born lol

joined Oct 20, 2017

I was just about to post that ᵔ ᴥ ᵔ

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zanka be out here making my dreams come true once again

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Can't wait for oyakodon maids

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I wonder how long till Zanka makes one with a harem of maids.

joined Mar 4, 2018

Nee-sama, nee-sama! They're thinking impure thoughts about you...and us.

joined Feb 11, 2014

zanka maids mixed with twins ? Fluff yes I'm in ! <3

joined Sep 16, 2014

Now give them cat ears and you got the perfect story, Zanka.

joined May 24, 2022

Zanka galaxy brain.. this is way too good!

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My goodness, they're multiplying!

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Now give them cat ears and you got the perfect story, Zanka.

And twintails, at least on one of them.

Edit: The long-haired one in this already does have twintails. Kinda didn't notice oO

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Now give them cat ears and you got the perfect story, Zanka.

And twintails, at least on one of them.

P sure Zanka would just spontaneously combust drawing this. Think of the artist!

joined Mar 5, 2021

Zanka finally evolve it's not one anymore it's two what a god.

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