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Funny ones ^^

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Tfw you have a gf but neither of you realize it

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I had been wondering when we'd get this chapter from the web version, and it didn't disappoint. About twice as cute and twice as gay as before

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^ this

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i just got double diabetes

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Read the one before-- so glad this got serialized!! So much more depth and context... and so much cuter

DR2 Hajime Hinata
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this chapter got me kicking my feet in the air

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Aw hell naw bro it's so obvious now and yet they're so oblivious (ToT)

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so close yet so far

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Tsukushi probably hasn't noticed her friends Sara and Yuu are a couple.

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2 chapters of sad gay faces is not ok.

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Mission failed. We’ll get ‘em next time.

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They'll be halfway through their first night together before they'll remember to say that they love each other

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That someday better be sooner rather than later.
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Such an useless lesbian. So being a creep with her best friend it's okey but telling her your true feelings, it's a not. And it's so obvious she has a thing for her. Author wtf. Because it's a Slow-Burn they have to wait 30 years, have married 2 guys, have at least 2 children and then they can confess their feelings...

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Yeah seriously, no normal friend would let you do that many things to her, and she is still scared of being rejected. This doesn't make any scene anymore, and goes beyond idiot lol.

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hmm im no professional but i think they should kiss

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I think it's hard for Tsukushi to figure things out because they've just been so close for nearly their whole lives. So, what's really intimate for someone else is just normal in their friendship. But mainly she has the worst case scenario in her mind (being rejected AND losing her best friend) and that's what's holding her back. I'm glad Hinoka is being so patient with her. I think she has a pretty good feeling about what's happening here, so maybe she's waiting for Tsukushi to be emotionally ready and come to her?

Also Sara and Yuu are so frickin' cute. I love that they're confirmed dating.

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Another good Yuri manga doomed to zero progress hell? Let’s fucking goooooooooooooo!

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The thing that slightly bugs me about this is that this seems partly an attempt to keep the title of the manga relevant (she even has a flashback to that rejection dream in this chapter). Hinoka might be understanding but she can't possibly know about that :P

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AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! I CANNOT WITH THE POWER OF 10. I like how we are having two wingwoman in this series.

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