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Homusaki Shikibu
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I couldn't care less about Nijigasaki but Kitaku's stuff is always so good that I just have to read it.

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Enough to make a grown me cry because of Shioriko Appreciation

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Whew, a half-dozen "first times" joining the One Big Nijigasaki Polycule. Nice.

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Kitaku does it again

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Totally her first time

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What a feast

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Fang girl best girl

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thanks for the gay sex kitaku youre a real one

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another entry to the insane amounts of sex hall of fame

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Kanata: UOOOOHH :crying emoji:

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Kitaku works are always top tier

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another entry to the insane amounts of sex hall of fame

I might need to ask about that one, there are few works tagged with it and this one isn't particularly more intense than this author's other works. Or yuriwhale. Some yuriwhale works might need it

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