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Oh wow, how /u/ will react to this

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OK, just hear me out...

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the fuck am I reading

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Not a fan of the chibi style, also hard to tell anyone's gender. Even harder to tell what is going on.
Side note, I think this needs a psychological tag because these characters seem like if they are being place in a cage and held hostage by one primary character.

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Did they try to kill the girl who had just confessed with a giant hammer?

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Could be a perfect setup for shounen or 5 pilots super robot anime.

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These memes are great. Thanos and The Delightful Children From Down The Lane back-to-back hit me like a one-two punch

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This is a crazy one. Also not the biggest fan of the chibi art style, but it's not a deal breaker.

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I think this is missing the "What the fuck am I reading" tag.

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It's wild how immediately I'm loving these horrible cuties. Smh that they didn't all respond to the confession together though, I wanted to see this kid's mind blown by the idea of dating the five of them at once.

hard to tell anyone's gender

Why is this a negative for you?

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Someone please provide a plot synopsis of these chapters. I can't tell what is going on. The backgrounds are so inconsistent and the writing is so fluffy that it's really confusing.

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This would have had such an effect on me had I read it in middle school. I hope it finds the weird, edgy kids it was meant for.

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This story feels all over the place, but it's also intriguing.

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I'm on board with this polycule action for now; the polyamorous quintet is sweet in theory, I like the ambiguous gender presentations... I just hope the story hides some new ideas or collapses interestingly. This is aimless, the angst is weak, and the scenario so far is more contrived than a toast-collision meet-cute. It feels much like an author-insert story or an early work that shows where a creator's focus is.

So far: Everyone comes from the same orphanage, four have been adopted, and it was somehow a mistake for the rich girl to be there in the first place. The five all love one-another deeply, as family, and maybe romantically. When Mokuba went berserk in a science experiment the other four arrived, and they were all allowed to get supernatural abilities too just to be similar. They feel uncomfortable when apart, and are more likely to become berserk when apart. They get a special classroom to stay together in school because money, so it seems the government isn't too involved. Mana went berserk just from being called out by someone outside the polycule so they're all probably sensitive.

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Oh look Flandre's "ability to destroy anything"

Actually now I'm wondering how common or uncommon that ability paired with squeezing the hand as a trigger is...

If they'd made the antidote once shouldn't it be possible to remake it? Or did everyone involved in making it die along with all the data being destroyed?

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This is... really edgy but the artstyle is really cute so i'll keep reading I guess lol. The story does seem interesting though

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interesting, very interesting. i wonder how the story will go about with this premise. here's to hoping it lasts long.
also, whoever is responsible for the experiment is either stupid or insane to make only one antidote but mass-produce this experimental drug

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Ooooh, I'm liking the look of this, I love the "superpowered queer found family" scenario that we've got going here. This could make a really cool series, so here's hoping this keeps its charm and uses its potential in the best possible way.

Weeb Depression
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This seems really interesting! I'm looking forward to future chapters. I like the angst and the different pronouns for the characters.
Also the memes in the comment section are fucking great.

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… yeah that backstory has a lot of holes in it… but nearly not enough that i cant just ignore them & enjoy cutesy found-family polycule antics angst.

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I found a channel with a vocaloid song about this Manga? song is literally called quintet x question
Also there's a speed paint of them

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This feels like the kind of edgy middle school stuff I would have loved as a kid. For that alone, I'm subscribing.

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