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Ahhh this song... YwY

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well ok damn :(

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Wish I could relate but I’ve never had a first love or anything like that.

I guess the old quote is appropriate, it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

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Damnit I want a tag to identify sad yuri beforehand so I don't read them by mistake like this. T_T

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Fuck.... this needs the tag of depressed as fuck. I want to cry!!! Why you must make me suffer like this damn it!

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There are so many reasons people grow apart, especially when it comes to high school crushes. It does not have to be "I was just experimenting".


Also, for those who said "I wish they had left a bit of hope", any tale of past loves which ends with reminiscing without explicit mention of the separation being indeed forever (past love now hating / dead / married to another person, etc) do, in fact, end with a bit of hope. The reminiscence MIGHT be what makes the reminiscing character to try to eventually, sometime, reunite.
You don't NEED to have listeed to The Moody Blues to understand, but it does help: and (yes, those two songs ARE meant to play in order)

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i want a 2nd life with all these memories i swear ill do better

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I couldn’t even think “straight” (nice one). All jokes aside this was actually sad, in the beginning it definitely sounded like she was talking about a memory, and I was right (T-T)

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There were two people at different times that wanted to be close to me but I didn't let them. Now I'll always wonder what those relationships would have been like so even if there is parting I think letting yourself go through it all makes for a more meaningful experience than "what if". Also, Yuri Scan, what a gorgeous credits page!

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My poor heart...

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First love really hits different when you went back to where it all happened and starts remembering the days. It is really depressing because not all first love gets to be your last love. The good (or bad?) part tho, they are always remembered throughout your life, erm, in my opinion atleast.

This short manga made me feel nostalgic, cause the thoughts of the black haired girl are somehow the same as my thoughts when I experienced the beginning and the end of that love.

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Sad, but why no aaaangst tag though?

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I guessed the general tenor of it right from the fact that the narration was in the past tense, but it still kept me in suspense.

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*Reads the tille: Milktea
Reads the tags: yuri - Schoolgirl

Great, just what I wanted, a lovely story about two silly girls in love...


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I remembered this song while i read it :(
Though idk how the milk and honey taste like

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I have a feeling this isn't the only song turned comic on Dynasty.

Perhaps a tag for such a thing is needed?

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Ugh, wistful stories about a first love are something I hate because its so relatable.
Even that milk tea part; I still eat dark chocolate because of the first person I loved, even though I never really liked how bitter it was. It's just associated with good memories.

Also the credits page has no business being that pretty.

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I kept hoping upon hope that at the end she would come home to reveal the girl was now her wife, but sadly it wasn't meant to be

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Definitely AAANGSTA.
I need to start searching more vocaloid yuri songs now that I know this exist.

And its 8 years already. Where I've been this whole time..?

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NARESH4444 posted:

I have a feeling this isn't the only song turned comic on Dynasty.

Perhaps a tag for such a thing is needed?

Technically Husky and Medley could be considered a song turned into a manga. Though the reality there is that both the manga and song are based on actual events. (And the song I mention can be found here. Incidentally, it's also a Vocaloid song.)

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well... that was a waste of time. At least the art style is beautiful.

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I have a feeling this isn't the only song turned comic on Dynasty.

Perhaps a tag for such a thing is needed?

I remember a manga posted fairly recently based on a Supercell song. Sayonara Memories I think it was?

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I was having a good day but this made me cry

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