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Different and interesting. Definitely entertaining. Although I think it worked because it was short

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I feel like I've seen this kind of twist a hundred times (even though I haven't really). I mean, her saying she fell in love at first sight when the other one has her own face is pretty suspicious, no? Though I wasn't sure whether she knew it was her old classmate or just liked her face.

in another genre, the truth is revealed and it turns out that the pretty one always knew and liked the ugly one for who they were on the inside

Well, the ugly one was quite ugly on the inside too...

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Loved this. Would love to see a follow up. Messed up stories like this are the best

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I love it when women are creeps. Love it when women are just downright awful. It's great. It's beautiful.

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Usually I pass as soon as I see the aaangst tag. But I'm glad I didn't do it this time. It was truly a great read. I love this kind of quasi pathological relationships, unless, of course, it's a work form K***** N****

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Intentional or not, this is one of the best adaptations of the Narcissus and Echo story I've seen.

for real

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Hot damn that was blissfully messed-up!

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Only a word: creepyyyy

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I looooove stories that are this messed up. I think it's perfect as a oneshot, but I wouldn't be mad if this turned into a series!

I do feel bad for Shimamoto to have hated herself so much that she wanted all traces of her former self gone and didn't even see herself as human beforehand. That level self-hatred usually doesn't just appear out of nowhere. (I actually think her past self is really cute too, and I'm glad we caught a glimpse of what she would've looked like as an adult on page 22.)
As others have said, the creepiness on her part comes in specifically with wanting to look exactly like someone else.

Speaking of creepy, if Shimamoto went so far as to move away to where no one would know her, then I get the feeling that Shiratori didn't really "just so happen" to be transferred there after all, but I could be wrong.

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That was a trip.

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A.... happy ending...? I guess...?

I mean, as long as everyone's happy...

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A Yuri relationship with flawed personalities that are mutually complementing each other is a different vibe.

Both of these girls are messed up, but it fits appropriately in their relationship since they like the person in a twisted way.

This one definitely needs a psychological tag.

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You know, I'm glad they're happy I guess lol.

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This was so twisted and so good.

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All the twists of intrigue add up to a messed up story. Not bad at all.

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The story is creepy that gimme heebee jeebee...
The art tho, so cute.

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Do we have a mutually yandere for fun and profit tag? If not, WHY?

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This is great. Super unique twist.

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I had a feeling she was going to be into her because it was her face.

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Hm, I wonder if two psychos can really balance each other out to form a relationship that sort of works? Or would it just lead to a bigger explosion down the line?

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the romance is of course questionable but the psychological aspect is good, damn

I am not even sure there is any romance here, neither really cares much about the other person.

I agree. The “romance” is very superficial and vain, imo.

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I enjoyed this less in the way I usually enjoy GL or even romance in general, and more in the way I enjoy r/twosentencehorror.

Yesssss thats exactly it omg

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We need "damn" tag lmao

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They're messed up.

They're perfect for each other.

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