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joined Mar 4, 2018

That was super sweet.

joined May 2, 2018

Tsubomi! The past keeps blasting.

joined Jan 12, 2021

The anxiety at the end when she started questioning her. If this happened to me I would have a panic attack.

I don't do that type of thing but it still made me feel anxious as I was reading.

joined Jul 22, 2018

bring tsubomi back

joined Feb 8, 2013

so holding hands is so extreme that MC immediately understood that her gal was holding her THAT WAY ???

joined Jan 31, 2018

This was really really good. The art was very unique.

joined Oct 22, 2021

it needed like 1 or 2 more pages at the end I think.

joined Oct 9, 2017

I would not feel creeped out if someone was copying me tho. I guess I'd feel flattered and a bit wtf :p

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