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I hate and love this warm and fuzzy feeling that this kind of stories gave me so thank you have a great day sir

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AAAHHHHH THEY RE SO DARN CUTE!! this just made my day 10000 times better

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Is this what it feels like to be charged with positive energy??

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You know when you were expecting a sad twist like Ryouko was just gonna disappear or something but it was actually incredibly something and doesn't even need a sequel because it's just perfect like it is? Yeah, it's an amazing feeling. Although, of course, if this were serialised... I'd love it.

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Holy damn that was so cute

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Ahhh~ So cute!! The art is cute, the characters are cute and the story is cute! 10000/10!

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Omg thats so cute wtf

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That commitment to each other for just 15min/day is heartwarming. This manga “hit it out of the park” greatness. This manga deserves to be in a Yuri anthology.

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Needs an epilogue. College years riding the bus part 2.

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Dialogues and story are a bit cheesy and cliché, but still good overall

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God damn that was cute and wonderful

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Aww that's cute

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for some reason, i was scared that the blonde girl was a ghost or didn't exist, but i'm glad it ended so wholesome ;)

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It was really cute.

Though it's a bit inconsistent, because if she's a rich girl, there's no reason she would have to take the commonfolks bus. Either she'd get dropped by the family's chauffeur, or by the private shuttle of the school.

But for the sake of the romance, I guess it's fine to overlook it.

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its my birthday today this is so wholesome

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Is Japan a very unequal country? Or do they love the supposed sophistication that the rich people have? I always see stories of rich girls and middle class girls falling in love. It’s like a cliché in yuri stories

The exact opposite, actually. Japan has among the lowest inequality by various metrics. Wealth, celebrity, and royalty just capture people's imagination, and I think that's a common fixation in fiction all over the world. There's certainly no shortage of it in Western stories, with everything from Cinderella and Frozen to Lord of the Rings and A Song of Fire and Ice featuring them prominently.

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Page 34:" The Beginning"

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This just made my day a million times brighter. Thank you.

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But how did they not exchange contact info for a whole ass year...

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While I find the idea that they didn't even call each other a little too unbelievable, I do like the overall theme a lot. It is fluffy and tempered, but all around a good experience. To finally break free of the time limit by graduation day and just leaving it all behind to see the cherry trees far past their stops is great symbolism. The growth they both experienced helped them change into people who can escape the confines of their parents and society's expectations.

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I was on edge the first time I read it. It really was a perfect setup for various "sad" turns. I had to glance at the tags to assure myself that this was, in fact, a wholesome story. Even then I just expected it to have one. From the rich girl being a ghost, through the entire bus just not being there/existing at all, and to a bit more grounded things like the rich girl suddenly not appearing in the bus. Hell, I even expected it to have a somehow openly bittersweet ending.
Luckily it all went away at the second read. While pretty simple and basic, it was executed well enough. I enjoyed it. Wholesome/10

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If I knew, I would have gone to Japan and would have rode the same bus. :C

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it really did me a lot to feel good, I thought I would die of happiness

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inject this cuteness right into my veins

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