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Don't f*ck with me?

Poor choice of words.

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I agreed with Kyubey. I don’t get it at all ._.)

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what the fuck

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Oh dear me, this is only the second time where at least 2 tags(rape + comedy) have NO right of mixing but somehow, it works. Who came up with this?

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I was not expecting Madoka at all. In any way that happened there.

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What a twist!

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i- yes

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I understand your story and Madoka is right to help them understand that they truly Love and Care about each other dearly! After all, she is the goddess in this world! She just wants everyone to understand that love is the most beautiful and necessary gift that can be given and received! Now, time to bond with my beloved Homura-chan !

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We have made a helpful route framework and speedy quest for you to be agreeable to observe your pornography in this colossal assortment

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God damn wish it was me

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