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Please more KyoSaya!

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Thank you very much for the elaborate discussion of the connections between Kodou's adaptation and Shakespeare's original, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Don't just let our imaginations do the work! Let us see it! NOOOOOO

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I loved this, everything. Literally everything in here is so perfect, I need more but with those scenes ;)

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  1. Genuinely hilarious. Sayaka knowing what happened in the anime is great.
  2. “I WANT SAYAKA!! TO RIDE HER!!!!!!!!!!!” Damn, 11 exclamation marks. I agree.
  3. Fantastic TL notes.
  4. What's with the sudden resurgence in Kyouko x Sayaka? Not that I'm complaining, I love the pair.

Thank you for your work!

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How wholesome

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Cute and wholesome

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