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joined Mar 6, 2021

Wow, this premise and execution suck ass! Poggers!

joined Feb 1, 2021

The disaster in the beginning where the meteor strikes an erupting volcano reminds me very much of the Calvin and Hobbes strip where an airplane and a train are both about to crash into the same house... where the stove has just started leaking gas...

Just me?

joined Oct 7, 2021

i went into this expecting to hate this, and i left it wishing there was more, was actually a fun read!.

joined Sep 6, 2018

Booooooo!!! (Throws a rotten tomato)

joined Mar 21, 2019

That's certainly a combination of tags.

joined Jan 6, 2015

Aaalmost won me over, but that shelter bit in chapter 5 lost me big-time. No thank you.

joined Feb 28, 2015

lol comedy

joined Oct 20, 2017

If you can interpret this as a nightmare, in the literal sense of the word, it's not that bad. Maybe the author could have pitched this as a slow burn horror manga?

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joined Aug 29, 2019

Idk, the tag combination may already give it away, but I think this one really deserves What the fuck am I reading? as well.

joined Jun 30, 2016

Damn...the tag wasnt lying, such a sad ending.

joined Jan 30, 2013

Sad yeehaw. Everytime they have these end of the world tropes they never continue them but they're always fun to read atleast. This one was a bit unexpected with its ending.

joined Oct 2, 2021

Nagi-chan is a reincarnation of Minami ( Fang-chan) from Watamote.

joined Jul 8, 2013

They may not have any regrets, but now I certainly do.

joined Jun 24, 2021

atleast they died happy?
i have no clue what to make of this series, idk if im sad, happy, or angry.

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joined Sep 1, 2021

its not sad because we are still gonna die this way or another, i just am confused where the comedy was?

joined Jun 24, 2013

Have to give credit to the artist to be able to hit me hard on those last pages. I didn't sign up for this when I started it, I really didn't, but damn.. I'm truly happy that at least they ended up happy together at the end of everything. A drink for them.

joined Aug 12, 2021

it gave me bad vibes at first, but honestly thankful I kept reading. Loved this !

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Bruh, I'm thankful I read it till the end T.T hits me right in the kokoro

joined Jul 3, 2021

Wow. The end really hit me hard. At first the series was a bit weird but it turned out really good. Gonna cry my eyes out now

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