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I'm not intrigued but I'm confused. It's the point that she likes crushing after her friend more than she'd like dating her?

It's fear of change.
This author depicts extraordinarily well the delicate feelings, the small worries, the attention to teeny-weeny details, all those things that make the fragile side of a young girl's heart.
Ami enjoys immensely what she has with Yuu right now. She realizes that the next step is telling Yuu she loves her. She knows she should bravely confess; she understand the notion, but... she can't but worry: what if by doing so she somehow disturbs the balance between them and ruins their relationship?
I really admire the skill of this author in making a realistic portrait of the vulnerability and emotional insecurities that so often beset young women.

Couldn't have said it better myself. It reminds me a lot of how I was back in high school; full of insecurities and fears that kept me from taking action in any direction. though my fears were more in the "she's probably straight and I shouldn't fall in love with her in the first place" department.

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This looks like a good slow burn.

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Death to all faceless entities in manga, they bring nothing but unwarranted cruelty

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Credits page: she needs Mophead in her life.

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Double pages (9 and 10) for chapter five?

Seems like there might be a missing page?

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These credit pages have been getting more savage by the year.

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nice micomet cameo

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Disaster Lesbian Pileup.

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miComet spotted lol

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wow, hiiragi is the best!

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This really feels like old school yuri manga. It gives a classic vibe.

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I keet thinking everyone looks so pretty in this.

Dissapointed they didn't kiss, but maybe Ran will feel jealousy eventually.

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I was thinking couldn't Ran just art out her feelings if words can't convey them. But then I remembered diary is in the title

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I am so confused… what’s going on, I can’t remember anyth-

not Ami-chan

Oh, I’m dumb

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wow, hiiragi is the best!

And Ran is useless.

The only way I see this relationship going is Hiiragi falling for a cute French lesbian girl and dumping Ran like a hot spud.

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Yuu has Aqua on the brain? Or is Aqua-like? Makes me giggle either way.

The art in this is just lovely, it's got this dreamy quality all over the place and is somehow relaxing.

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I'm really struggling to tell the characters apart. Thought these was the two main MC

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time to get diabetes!

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pages in wrong order?

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Big sis gives major "I need an adult?" "I am an adult." vibe and I find it very amusing. Also weirdly hot. Also did she just throw in "it's no wonder Yuu [would] like you" and it went completely under the radar?

The way I'm reading the whole "good girl" thing is that it probably feels like she's being reduced to only being that, like nothing else about her stands out, which should be objectively incorrect in-universe but still something that happens and would explain her apparent lack of confidence. Looking forward to seeing things develop further.

This is legit one of the series that I'm simultaneously most looking forward to seeing updated while only remembering of its existence when it does, paradoxically enough. Something about the character designs just oozes passion, affection, and warmth in a way that really hits different.

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Thanks so much for the new chapter!

I'm a huge fan of Yatosaki Haru's personal style of manga. I loved The Girls' Arcadia, and I'm enjoying these series immensely!

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“Being a good girl is my only redeeming quality” - yuu, a few chapters ago. This girl needs therapy.

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This series is bad for my heart. Yuu's sister has tremendous top energy and she seemed pretty obviously to be toying with Ami.

If those two don't end up together at the end I will tear the planet in two with my bare hands.

I'm a huge fan of Yatosaki Haru's personal style of manga. I loved The Girls' Arcadia, and I'm enjoying these series immensely!


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Ami just needs to teach her to be a bad girl

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Seems like onee-chan has a lot of practice undressing girl to the point of doing that unconsciously…

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