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Well I guess being a yandere DOES pays off

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Rika with her jokes

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I think she is quite heavy not gonna lie

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Oh no guys! Grandma fell from the ceiling!!

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All's well that ends well

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Oof size: OOF
Self Harm tag maybe?

Humor definitely is in the eye of the beholder, because I didn't really find that Comedy funny at all. But eh, I'm certainly not the arbitrator of comedic intent.

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Exacting righteous justice in the process of committing evil.
Do we praise her or condemn her? A proper conundrum.

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God damn this shit scuffed as hell

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Well totally what the fck am I reading...

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oguzhan96 posted:

Rika with her jokes

I think about this comment a lot. Always gets me giggling. Thank you.

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