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joined Feb 28, 2015

uwawawawa nice style there

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Style reminds me a bit of Dowman Sayman.

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I thought of Dowman Sayman too lol , both artstyle and story reminded me them

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Thanks for the nice oneshot!

joined Sep 11, 2020

Ooh that's fascinating

Cool story :o

joined May 2, 2018

dowman kaidashi kikou?

joined May 3, 2020

That was actually pretty interesting. Will there be a continuation?

OrangePekoe Admin
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Very cute, little bit vague. Good balance. Thanks, team!

joined Jun 20, 2018

god this rules, i would love to read a whole series about this

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Style reminds me a bit of Dowman Sayman.

The first page in particular had me double checking the artist.

That was interesting. It's a shame it was just a one shot, cause I would very much like to learn more about this world.

joined Dec 1, 2016

pretty good

joined Oct 4, 2016

I get Girls Last Tour vibes.

joined Jun 11, 2016

The art style does remind me of Dowman Sayman but the tone of the story is much more upbeat, I like it.

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Man, Japan produces the coziest post-apocalyptic worlds.

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Dang I want this to be a series so bad. Oneshot syndrome hurting extra hard this time

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That was interesting.

joined Apr 1, 2014

That was interesting.

joined Dec 30, 2020

dowman kaidashi kikou?

just getting this taste of that possibility is such a tease

joined Jul 23, 2020

that was indeed fascinating. needs a series about her journey.

joined Jul 12, 2020

Just a oneshot? I need moreeeeee

joined May 16, 2021

This was a pretty interesting take on the future after an apocalypse that happens in the world, considering what would happen when the entire world is almost devoid of humans in most parts. Yet also bringing along a message of hope regarding the restoration of human society even in such a time. Though I have to admit I was rather disappointed that we didn't get to see more of the various lifeforms shown in page 1. Still all in all a 10/10 for me!

Also now that I think about it the depopulation problem mentioned in pg14 that had caused a rapid decrease in the global population of humanity had occurred from from 2500 to 2624. If it has been more than a century worth of time since the crisis, then surely scientist would have found out a means of reversing this issue. Despite that, the population is still in the thousands, with humanity as a species teetering on the edge of extinction. Wouldn't this then mean that the issue hadn't been solved yet, or the current people around aren't even bothered with solving it? If that is the case, then wouldn't that therefore mean that humanity (or rather old humanity) is doomed to eventually go extin...

Oh shit...

Note: I'm assuming here that there aren't any methods discovered since they weren't mentioned and there is no news regarding any kind of scientific advancements since the news last article (apart from the one received in the middle of the chapter) was 10 years ago, and it isn't even on science.

Purple Library Guy
joined Mar 3, 2013

It's funny, the world is overflowing with people, we've seriously exceeded the world's carrying capacity, and Japan's always doing these futures where there's nobody left. Yeah, I know Japan's population is declining . . . but not that fast, and from a really high population density; I don't get why they're so paranoid about it.

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In the end i felt sad for the teacher. Because Yuka have now the entire world to explore and go on adventures, while he will enter hibernation to maybe never leave.

I hope someday he will reactivate to find her all grown up, or maybe her descendants.

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Live and prosper, new humanity!

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