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I'm desperately asking for a volume right now

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Cute art style & cute story, too bad it ends in one go. Well, time to read everything else this mangaka has done.

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That was wholesome af!! I remember one like this, it was not completed. This tough girl delinquent with a resting screw face and this typical moe girl liked eachother and they were trying to gravitate towards each other but they were world's apart so the miscommunication and misinterpretation made it difficult. I love stories like this, but they're so few and far between, it feels like.

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All girls are cuter in glasses, that's just science.

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sooo adorable

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Glasses are very versatile.

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I hope they make it series its cute and i love it!!!

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All girls are cuter in glasses, that's just science.

Amen to that! Honestly I've always wondered why people are so against glasses. I honestly was happy when I (finally) got mine. Helped round out the features of my otherwise average face. And when I see a girl with glasses it just works so much better than without. Plus you can have multiple pairs for different styles that match your mood and clothing. More accessorising? What's not to like?

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i need this as a series

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Oh man, Kashikaze really has a knack for making cute stories, I recognized her artstyle from the moment I saw the cover :)

I assume she wears glasses herself, because as someone with TERRIBLE vision, I always do the squinty thing when I cant see something without my glasses.

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They must have very similar prescriptions

I was going to say, they sure lucked out there.

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My heartache has been soothed

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Sequel please!

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Every one shot deserves a series, specially this one, this dynamic is the bane of my existence, need, more

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The eyesight thing is so relatable. I have terrible eyesight. Before I got proper glasses I usually get told I look intimidating, that I have an angry look to me. I also accidentally ignore people who try to call me from a distance because I just can't see them! No, I'm not scowling and narrowing my eyes at you because I'm mad, it's because you're literally just a blob of blurry colors in my eyes! I swear I'm friendly!

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Simple, Saitou-san is a lesbian

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I've reread this like four times! It may be one of the cutest one-shots I've ever read

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What a sweet little read! It was so cute. The author should make this a series after finishing "Can't Defy the Lonely Girl" (which is also super super good.)

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i look better with glasses but i still dont wear it if im not outside (only for courses) because of the video i watched that said wearing glasses makes your sight worse therefore i changed my lifestyle, now i dont need them anymore, dont let them be lazy with the help of glasses

Next you're gonna tell us that you don't do vaccines and never got covid-vaxxed because you heard it makes the immune system lazy.

chill im vaccinated and i dont think theyre the same thing. covid thing would kill me, not using glasses wouldnt...
my uncles eyesight got better without using glasses thats my goal. doesnt hurt to try im not hurting anyone am i?

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Dynasty Reader
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I finally found it again. This one of my favourite manga. I need more like it. Anyone got any recommendations. I don't know what it is. Perhaps it's the things being not as they appear and the gap moe. Irdk, I just want more.

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Very good indeed.

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fell to my knees after reading this,,,,, so cueu...

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