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man i missed ooshima tomos nico x maki. Thanks windyfall for scanlating a classic <3 much love

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Mmm that finger techniques truly befitting a soon to be doctor

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A Manga about First World Problems.
"My Girlfriend is too good in bed!" lol

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Ooshima Tomo is very talented! I always enjoy Maki-Nico stories!

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The power of a pianist's fingers

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How about Honoka and Kotori? They are a loving couple also. I enjoy reading their adventures as well!

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yeaaaaah more ooshima's nicomaki ♥️

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Based ooshima tomo

Marion Diabolito
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All 8 Mu's girls, A-RISE, Fumiko, Mika, Hideko, Mama Nishikino, the headmistress, and the entire Yazawa family look away, whistling

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Personality-wise, I think she makes a better top than Maki. Nico is outgoing and is used to taking care of people. Maki is an only child and is accustomed to being the focus of attention and affection.

But that ship has well and truly sailed.

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I always enjoy reading about this wonderful couple! They are very open with their love for each other! I always get this warm fuzzy feeling when I get into their world!

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Reminds me of the RinMaki book where Maki is griping to Nozomi about Rin never letting her get any rest, and Nozomi wondering if she's complaining or bragging. There's something compelling about one person being so devoted to making their lover climax over and over again.

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Nico and Maki are an eternal couple! They love each other through space and time! I have spent many emotional hours reading their stories and watching the artwork! Thank you for sending so much joy and happiness to people like me who enjoy your works!

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