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agh!! i don’t know if this was intentional or if i was overthinking things but has anyone else noticed that each of the love interests is sort of related to one of the 5 senses? i don’t remember the name of each love interest so i’ll describe them. the room mate is related to the sense of smell. the barista is obsessed with the sound of the mc’s voice. i’d assume that the party girl is related to the sense of taste because she kissed the mc right after meeting her. the idol (?) is related to touch because she’s been very touchy with the mc and likes holding her hand or caressing her. lastly, the teacher must be related to sight due to process of elimination. she says that the mc is cute and is very immersed in her looks. please tell me if this has already been established and i’m stupid or not!

A bit late to the party lol. But better late, then never.

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Chapter 1 has been voiced in celebration of the release of Volume 1.

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Chapter 1 has been voiced in celebration of the release of Volume 1.

And the MC is voiced by no other than Sukoya Kana, our favorite vtuber nurse :D

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Chapter 1 has been voiced in celebration of the release of Volume 1.

And the MC is voiced by no other than Sukoya Kana, our favorite vtuber nurse :D

Only fitting since she was Tamamusi's inspiration for Mei. But this was great, they really nailed it! I did a read-a-long with the english translation pulled up so that was nice. Hopefully we'll continue getting new chapters.

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Anyone knows where to see Ch.4?? ( ̄▽ ̄;)

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Anyone knows where to see Ch.4?? ( ̄▽ ̄;)

iirc when chapter 5 was published the scanlators said they'd grabbed ch5 on accident and are working on chapter 4 right now

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Any update on chapter 4?

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Somehow ended up finding a translation of chapter 4 someone did on imgur? If this is helpful to anyone (until the folks working on 4 get it up here)

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Well, we got chapter 4 and still not feeling Minato. My top players are Riri and Karin.

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Loving the yuri harem. I really can't wait for all five love interests to realize how steep the competition is.

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Karin is my favorite, which means she has no chance of winning if this does not go the poly route. I like how aggressive she is, and the way she teases really works for me. It's also kind of neat that Karin doesn't see Minato as a threat. I wonder what she'd think of the other three.

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"There is an overwhelming lack of supply." Aint that the truth.

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I like this chapter. It was nice to get some insight into other characters' thought processes.

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Poor Mei, there's people already planning on rape and kidnaping. Dont think the story is gonna go i that direction, but...

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the fetishes are poppin'

DR2 Hajime Hinata
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This is the very first time, after all of my 6-7 years of reading yuri manga, that I actually like all of the candidates. Poly route all the way on this one, love them all. Good job, Tamamusi.

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Can't wait for more!!!!

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Gosh everyone is so amazing I'm jealous of Mei lol.

I won't mind if this ends in harem route.

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Oh damn... another update!? Welp... time to reread the first couple chapters again.... cuz damn im lost xD

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If someone found my porn I would probably just die on the spot too, so that was relatable.

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I am being personally targeted. The "Translator's Notes" had a whole section explaining ASMR that I could have written myself off of memory. I feel very attacked right now.

On a more serious note, Tamamusi has a way of making every character so goshdarn likeable. Riri is still #1, but sans the roommate with her extreme overprotectiveness, every love interest amazingly fits well with the MC. That's hard to do and good job on the author for achieving it.

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the asmr video...

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Profesor Maria or Riri are still TOP but this side of Minato was a big and funny surprise, made me like her too lo/ but I think she would be better off with an oneesan type too (like Prof or Riri in fact hahaha).
The other 2 have red flags I just can't deal with

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Omg I fucking love this series

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Tamamusi sensei you're amazing

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