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Lovely chapter and the kissing is great <3

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Is it over?

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Is it over?

Seems so...says "owari"/"the end" at the end :(

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i´m crying

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Oh I guess first base is all we’ll get to see, wish the ending was less abrupt but I suppose the author felt they done everything they wanted to (college age sequel please)

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I'm sad it appears to end but at the same glad that it means we won't get back to vore again :P
Probably more sad though.

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Ooooh, that name switch is pretty good, though it can get more intimate still. I'm a bit surprised Kurumi held back on that.

Also, on not going further than kissing, considering how hard up she's been this whole time...

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cute chapter but it kinda felt like an ending chapter? for some reason?

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I just hope it ain’t good over… please

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make out chapter woooo

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That was beautiful. Damn near climactic (in the literary sense)!

But yes, it feels like an ending chapter and it says 'owari' at the bottom, so...I think it's complete, save for any bonuses/extras. That was a very fun ride.

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It's honestly wild to me that we've gotten to be blessed with this. I remember when the series originally ended, I felt so disappointed because it didn't really end so much as it just stopped. I was absolutely thrilled when I found out the series was getting picked back up, and now we've gotten to the end once more, and this time around, it's much more satisfying. Would I have liked for it to go on some more? Absolutely, but I'm more than content with what we've gotten. It's not every day that a single volume manga gets picked back up for three more volumes.

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I think it's complete, save for any bonuses/extras.

Fingers crossed, I wanna see them living together and stuff.

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Now this one, this one I'm gonna miss.

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its a bit sad to have ended, but it was a very sweet story and i really liked it^^

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Now what will I read to feel whole again after a chapter of Black & White? Anyway, I enjoyed how fluffy this was. Thanks for scanlating.

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just for the record, I wanna have manga about kurumis parents. it wont happen, but I wanna say it on record

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Blessings upon them

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Thanks a ton for the translation! I really loved this series, characters, art & designs. Very adorable & lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing more works from the author in the future! <3

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God bless this manga. I'm sad that it's over, but oh so happy it happened.

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Man I'm gonna fucking miss this one for sure. It was just great and oh so very wholesome.
As usual, I wouldn't mind a little timeskip extra to see how their married adults life fare.
Thanks a damn lot for translating this manga!

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Mederashi, medetashi

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Control yourself, Kurumi! Yoroizuka will turn herself in to the police...

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oh im gonna miss this one but that was a good run! I remember last time the series had its "end" chapter i was in disbelief with how abruptly it ended lol but this time i feel satisfied with the ending

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