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Basically married.

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god,so cute

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the part where she heard her made me laugh, super cute

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Oh god. Now I understand. The diabetes! Ch12 is just... So much diabetes.

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'Completed' as of Ch 13? Cancelled?

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Yes, Aoto Hibiki-sensei. Join the oyako yuri legion. It is your destiny.

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did this just end

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This is a great example of how readers are always using a microscope to parse out the nuances of the ethical dimensions or the plausible realistic parameters of the premises of yuri manga, while creators themselves are like, “I love age-gap—the wider the better!” “Lately I’ve been thinking about mother daughter incest!” “The weather got cooler, and all of a sudden I feel like drawing some bondage gear!” Etc.

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'Completed' as of Ch 13? Cancelled?

Gallete and Galette meets are mostly indie publishing magazines and meets in particular doesn't have consistently running series. As such, I don't think there are editors who control, axe, and provide detailed feedback on series. It seems more like they collect content and publish what they can based on funds available. They probably haven't asked the author for another chapter on these two, but based on the author commentary at the end it seems pretty possible there could be more in the future. And that would largely depend on...

You, dear reader! Galette's funding comes from its subscribers on fantia, so you can help them by subbing!

Even this tankobon looks like it was a collection of the chapters and stories published originally in different places and then self-published by the author (which if anyone happens to know where chapters 12 and 13 were published, please give me a heads up so I can tag them)

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this was awesoooooome thanks to everyone so cuteeeere

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Let's hope we get more.

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Argh! Just when things were progressing too!

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Nooo I needed more!!!

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Wait, is Chapter 13 a perspective switch, or is it some kind of reversal situation? I'm really confused.

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Wait, is Chapter 13 a perspective switch, or is it some kind of reversal situation? I'm really confused.

extra+authors note.

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She lookin like the type of girl who'd ruin your life in a single night lmfao

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Seems like the Author has being reading too much Taiyaki, that's culture lol

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Hibiki sensei, just combine your want to draw older Kurumi and young Yoroizuka and your love of mother daughter Yuri.
Make a sequel where Kurumi and Yoroizuka get married, have a baby and let's say 15 years later you're all sorted. Mail you my invoice.cheers

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Aoto Hibiki is such a man of culture. Looking forward to the mother-daughter yuri if they ever decided to make one haha

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That's all? Shit, right when it was getting good

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i wanna read more about the bunny girl yuri club T_T

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h-hold up... 10 and 25?

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Mother daughter yuri mother daughter yuri! I hope they make some.

h-hold up... 10 and 25?

I mentally said that as soon as I read it. But it’s not like that doesn’t already exist in Itou Hachi’s ‘mangaverse’ as I like to call it.

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ohhh i wanna look for Botan-san too :'))

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