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this really feels like Pretender.

this is a cute short story! i really like it ngl. but it doesnt really fit my taste, but i like it! maybe i should reread this another time..

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"Gay as a tangerine"?

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The credits page gives me a Kasumi and Sakurako vibe.

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The credits page gives me a Kasumi and Sakurako vibe.

lol me too

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I'm just gonna believe that the person Yuka was actually talking about was Haru
And Haru gave a proper confession afterwards, Yuka accepted it and she washed the dishes because she didn't want to be a total mooch

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Yay, more Kashiwagi Tsukiko!! I totally get what Yuri Hime meant by that art bursting with youth - just like the previous oneshot about art school, it just feels like... The art style is kinda the thing you'd see your extremely talented classmate draw on the back of an assignment in high school. In a good way.

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I hope it was about Yuka but I also don't feel like it was about her.

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loved how Haru kissed her forehead/nose bridge(?) at first before kissing her lips.

Have you heard about our Lord and Savior?


"Gay as a tangerine"?

Citrus ;)

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Well, it wasn't as angsty as I expected, given the presence of the Bisexual tag. It was a good read, I think

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Tbh this is really what exactly i had some relationship with my friend and yeah she's such a tease too. And tbh i really like her tho but fuk everytime she said something like that i'll just go say "yeah" we're not kissing or anything we're just do some hand holding but that's making me happy and making me quite shy sometimes when she do that.

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I don't think Yuka was talking about Haru when she said she had a crush, but by the end I'm pretty sure she was all but telling Haru to ask her out. I mean, how else are you supposed to interpret "Why'd you just gotta give up like that?" after Haru pushed her down?

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"Gay as a tangerine"?

Citrus ;)

Thank you for the clarification.. I was lost in thought for a min there.

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I'm confused. Have they done this before but Yuka just goes out looking for men again? Why isn't she overjoyed that she has a chance/they're dating now?

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p19: "Yes, but I know that you know that I know"

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I might have liked this more if it didn't remind me of this, which I really reaaaally hated.

Idk, I just don't like this kind of personality that tries to get the other person to make the first move, especially when they already know that the other one probably likes them and it's they themselves that appear to be uninterested.

That said, the artstyle felt very fresh, I liked it.

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I had a friend like this and they were just so A N N O Y A N C E 1 0 0 0

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Yuka just gotta tell Haru straight (ha) that's she's hitting on her, cause the girl is as dense as bricks.

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Yuka had her eyes closed before the kiss, looks like she was ready for Haru. I like to think they both like each other and that Yuka was talking about Haru all along, hence the use of “they” and not “he”.

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"Gay as a tangerine"?

Some years back, I asked out a cute bartender, and she responded laughingly, "honey, that's sweet, but I'm as gay as a tangerine." The phrase has stuck with me.

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Why does it have to end it like that? Open endings makes my brain fall off. @~@

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this is like pretender but wholesome

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I really like the art style.

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I'm confused. Have they done this before but Yuka just goes out looking for men again? Why isn't she overjoyed that she has a chance/they're dating now?

I am wondering about this as well

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accurate title!

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